Wednesday 26 March 2008

Life with Austin week 2

Am a bit fed up with black fur everywhere, especially in my white bed, so have decided to stop hoovering the bed and start hoovering the cat. It will definitely save time in the long run! I've told him and he seems quite cool about it. I said he was to look at it as a form of extreme grooming.

Anyone who thinks that expensive toys are necessary to entertain animals, think again. A brown paper bag and a piece of string! Sorted.

Oh and "NEWS ALERT" it seems that he is of a literary bent, as he disappeared for a good while this morning. Eventually, following the sounds of kittenish huffing and puffing, I found him in a box of discarded paperbacks under the stairs. Although have to say it wasn't Shakespeare or Chaucer he had his nose in, it was Murder in the Museum by Simon Brett. I told him he would go blind trying to read in the dark and gave him a torch.

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