Sunday 30 March 2008

One person cat!

It has been brought to my attention that Austin is most definitely a one family cat. To be more precise a one person cat. He has to know where I am at any given moment and if by some awful act of forgetfulness on my part I wander into another part of the house, I hear him doing his herd of "stampeding wildebeest thundering across the plains of the serengeti" impression from wherever he is upstairs, all the way down the stairs, hurling himself at my closed door. Having weakened and let him in I get the full range of his vocal disapproval as he recites his complaint. 

This morning I also realised that he will do "outside" for a lot longer if I go out also and hold his paw. Trouble is this morning it was 5.30 in real time (as the hour went forward!) It was cold. After a certain amount of discussion on the doorstep we came to an agreement that he would nip off into the fucshia and do his business and then come back and let me change out of my winceyette at a more leisurely pace. It was still cold at 7.30, but the view over Snowdonia as I mooched about in the dew was breathtaking.

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