Sunday, 12 August 2012

Summer Sunday Snooze (with limerick!)

When I'm dreaming of chasing a mink.
I don’t need people to think..
That a mancat like me
Who’s tough, you’ll agree,
Is also a lover of pink.

There’s no need for you to go snitch,
As I search and hunt every ditch.
In my dream it is mink,
But in truth it is pink!
So scritch my itch now, you old … nice person!  

So, Austin’s good mate Spitty isn’t the only mancat who has discovered his inner pink! Austin and Spitty are pinkaphiles. The big softies!

One day Austin will get his very own blog and facebook page and then it will be payback time! But until then …. *sniggers* … 

Which leads quite naturally to Austin’s apophthegm of the week. "Revenge is a dish best served cold …. early in the morning, on the bed, with a side order of hairball"!


  1. Austin! My Man!!! You said it purrfectly and well. I apply that principle almost every day! We are right thinking and we put our thoughts into action.


  2. Well done Austin, getting that scritch right where it needs to be. We think it is fine for you to love pink. But you are blowing our minds with those big words. Apophthegm, that is really scary. Hope all of you have a terrific day.

  3. Mink? I would love to see one of those! Maybe even a pink mink?

  4. Eeeuwww! You're so girly, Autin. But then, you tuxies are weird. This little one am babysitting has this thing with Mama's bathtowel....which is pink. har har har *evil laughs*

  5. Real Mancats DO love pink!! MOL. Besides that, it makes your dark furs look lovely.

  6. We agree with your sentiments about revenge. We have be inflicting hairball revenge on our humans as much as possible right now.

    Gronk and Izzie

  7. We think pink is definitely better than mink!

  8. "Person" doesn't rhyme with "ditch". Just so you know.

  9. Austin, I love a mancat in pink.
    Actually, I love pink. And if mancat happens to get in the way, so be it.
    ; ) Katie

  10. Think pink, Bro, think pink. It's a GREAT color on you. And "ditch" does too rhyme with fine person! What's wrong with the Katnip Lounge's earsies???

    Hey--I'm nobody's softie, Lady. Just so's you know.

    Apophthegm?? Whoa! It's not often the English-teacher Human comes upon a word she has never seen before, but your Human managed it--well-played!

    Also: Revenge is a dish best served.........often.

  11. Austin - Sassy here. I think that ponk looks really good against your dark furs (blush).

  12. Austin, there's no need to explain your love of pink. Real mancats never complain...never explain.

  13. Austin! Me thinks a Man Cat in Pink is the bestest! Yous looks marvelous! Me thinks PINK is a fabulishious color!

  14. I just luv's pink.. so that's cool wiff me :) Hairball's Yuk!! Alfie leaves dose sometimes.. Have a great day Austin :)
    Hugs Mollie xx

  15. Brian loves pink too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    May I quote you on my status on 2 of my facebook pages? I LOVE your revenge quote! Won't do it til I have your ok, I will credit you!

  16. Austin, we scritched you with our computer mousie.

    Brian is on a pink bed today, too. Tommie didn't get the memo but he's in agreement. Real boy cats look handsome on pink.

  17. We love pink too, Austin, and we are grown up men! Grown up men love pink and don't you furget it!
    Henry & Buster

  18. Austin
    You look purrfect in pink!

    ✿•*¨`*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨`*•.

  19. Right on, Austin,,,and to all men,,,when you know you're a man, you can wear whatever color you feel like wearing.

  20. Hey, Austin! Did you visit Brian today? We have another member of the Brotherhood of the Pink.

  21. What's the matter with pink for a boy cat if our mum can wear blue??!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  22. Hey, you look darn good in da pink too!!!!!!!!

  23. FaRAdaY: *takes notes* hairball...yes...yes...

  24. You know, in the musical Grease, there's a group of girls called the Pink Ladies and they ar ethe coolest girls in school and all the other girls want to be in their gang.

    Maybe we could start our own little gang called the Pink Boys (I think Brian would join). We'd need a clubhouse and a motto.

  25. Why not pink, after all we have equal rights ! Rosie loves green, I noticed that when she had to choose between a red and a green mouse ! Apparently cats are not colorblind !

  26. *MOL*
    "Revenge is a dish best served cold ...early in the morning , on the bed, with a side order of hairball"

  27. Pink is the color of kitty love and it suits a Tuxie.

  28. Austin looks gorgeous on the pink pillow. Real men aren't afraid to show their pink love LOL.

  29. why Austin...I believe that as with Spitty, the color pink is definitely in your color wheel and becomes you very nicely...paw pats, Savannah

  30. Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the HedgeSaturday, August 18, 2012 4:19:00 pm

    Blankies are so necessary to a contented life! (as are well placed neck and chin rubs)
    I knew that apophthegm was the unwritten secret code of the cat!
    Snuggle on, Austin
    Phil, the Philosopher Mouse


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