Saturday, 10 September 2011

We've been "Mentioned"!!!!

Not being one to blow my own trumpet .... no I am not!! I just wanted to say that CATachresis has been featured on Zee & Zoey's Chronicle Connection blog. 

Deb Barnes is a writer of some not inconsiderable talent, as well as being v stylish. She was a nominee in this year's Pettie awards for "Best Designed Blog". Though she didn't win, she should have IMO. I mean the leopard skin motif is proof in itself! Her elegant writing together with the wonderful photos of her beautiful cats are so uplifting.  Check her out..  

By the way, she would probably want you to know that the photographer of her menage is her partner Dan :) The photos are truly stunning.

Anyway, my hoop has never been so cocked and to be one of the four chosen has made my day. .... no, year!  Thanks Deb xox

Austin also wishes to express his appreciation!
Oh well. Running true to form, then!


  1. ConCATulations !
    Me and mom has checked her blog out a bit.
    You know I´m a curious cat ;-)

  2. you deserve it and we are very happy for you!

    As you know, we have a HUGE love affair with deb!

  3. Austin... sorry to bore you with this, but, WOW!!! I had no idea your sneaky Mom was going to put up such a wonderful post about me today and I just wanted to tell her THANK YOU!! She did not have to do that, afterall, it was my pleasure to mention her as one of my favorite blogs and I was not expecting a favor in return!!

    You can get back to your nap and thanks again for making my day!!

  4. Another day in the office for Austin, eh? I think the pressures of fame are getting to him...

    Anyway, congratulations on your mention! :D

  5. Thanks everyone :D

    Deb it's my pleasure. I think there is a bit of a mutual appreciation thing going on lol x

    Sarah I thinking he's feigning boredom. He does it awfully well x

  6. Woot! ConCATulations!! Wonderful writeup on Zee & Zoey's site (we had Mommy go there so we could see all the cool cat stuff too!) MOL

  7. Pretty neat. A mutual appreciation between your blogs. :)

  8. You folks are so clever over here that we aren't surprised you were mentioned...Way to go Austin! And congratulations! Awesome.

  9. Hey, Austin, we're going to have to plan something if we can get our moms away from the computer--after all, what are our moms going to do now that we're all famous?!~The Fantastic Four

  10. We saw that you were mentioned!! Congrats!

  11. Seeing you mentioned made our day! We love Deb especially since we have a Bengal now.

  12. Austin really lives up to his celebrity status! purrr...meow!


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