Monday, 5 September 2011

At a stretch!

This is a non-alliterated floofy Monday.  Austin, as you can see, is still on his weekend!

We understand it's Labor Day in America! Now without recourse to google, we can't be sure what that actually is?  But we can speculate. Is it a day when everyone has to go to work? In the UK we call it Labour anyway which is a political party that used to run the country, but doesn't anymore (allegedly).  So perhaps it is something political? But then why would anyone want to celebrate politics?  

OK, I've just consulted Wiki. It appears to be the day when everyone remembers the economic and social contributions of workers. It figures that we do not have such a day in Britain!!  What we do have here is a day to celebrate the economic and social detriment of out-of-workers when they go and sign on at JobCentrePlus every second Thursday! It's a blast (errr so I'm told!). 

Incidentally, it also appears to be the last day in the year when it is fashionable for women to wear white.

So Happy (non) Labo(u)r Day everyone!  NB please redistribute parentheses as you will :)


  1. Let's all put on our white furs anyway! (if I had some)

  2. Haha I love it when cats do that!
    And hmmm I sign on every second Thursday...believe me its not something I WANT to do, its something I HAVE TO do since I got screwed out of a decent job three months ago.

  3. Admiral, you can share mine anytime >^,.^<

    Sarah I hope you didn't think I was casting wossits?? It was a nod to the numbers of unemployed, not anything else. I know you are actually working very hard xox

  4. I wasn't sure how serious you were being/the tone you were using. I didn't think you were being deliberately mean :) I just wasn't sure...

  5. We don't celebrate laborers here in the US either. We call it Labor Day, but it's a day to shop. The laborers we supposedly celebrate are unemployed.

  6. Sarah, my sense of humour sometimes misses the mark :( I think it was irony I was trying to convey! Judging by the comment by rumpydog, it's the same in the US. There are labourers with nowhere to labour!

  7. As a Canadian living in the U.S. miss calling it Labour Day. Yes, to spotless white furs. Some of us have them like Domino showing off his today.

  8. Mom like the part " without recourse to google, we can't be sure what that actually is? " My mom does that too..MOL
    and she love your consultant : )
    Always love your sense of humor

  9. I also linked back to the definition of Labor Day in my blog today :)

    Right now in America with our unemployment rate at 9.1% (I am part of that statistic) it seems more of the UNEMPLOYED are celebrating LABOR DAY...go figure.

  10. Haha! We think Labor Day is a day our mom gets to spend all day with us!!

  11. Aunty Caro,
    In my corner of the world, Labour Day is celebrated every May 1st, it's a public holiday. Usually they'll be a national celebration with labourers (yes, the employed) decked in their uniforms etc congregating at a government sponsored venue. Guess it's still a day of rest for the employed over here. purrr meow!

  12. Caren 9.1% !!! So high. I'm sorry you are one of them :( Have been there. I think if I was looking for a job now, I would have no chance! x

    Mr P I think we definitely laugh at the same things :)

    Angelina it sounds like you guys do it right. Very interesting. Thanks x

  13. Austin, that does look like a good stretch. Good for Mom to look up Labor day. It really is a day when all humans have to labor over all of us kitties. Lots more attention, that is for sure. Hope you have a fantastic day. Take care.

  14. OMC !!!
    Isn´t it fashionable to wear white anymoore ??
    What shall I do ??
    Color my fur black ??
    Oh , now I see that only girls has to bother about that.
    Lucky me I´m a mancat :)

  15. MOL - if only I could have a brief moment to allow myself to stretch in complete freedom as Autin does! I know it does not pertain at all, but being that I've given birth twice, I always think of "labor day" as those days I was screaming to bloody hell in a hospital giving birth to each of my boys some twenty plus years ago! I don't think I've relaxed a day since then, now that I think about it...

  16. Austin...make the bomits really watery. And perhaps in the hallway.

  17. Marg, it sure seems that way! lol

    Kjelle we mancats are lucky !!

    Deb lol you only just realised? All those years when you could have held a grudge. Good job you love them :) x

    Admiral I'm coming right over ....


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