Wednesday, 7 September 2011



  1. Oh, how I wish you could send some of that rain our way! We've been wanting some for quite a while now.

    Make sure your mom gives you extra treats to compensate for having to stay indoors!

  2. You mom has also caused the hots..the rains, the white freezy stuffs and the night times wifout my sunpuddles. Why Mommy's do that?

  3. Ha ha, how cute! This reminds me of when Nate blames me if he falls off the bed or couch. Everything is always my fault. You're a cutie, Austin! :)

  4. Oh... poor Austin - your sigh was heard around the world! Hope tomorrow is filled with lots of sunshine for you!

  5. Did you ever try Rain Water, Austin ?
    It's nice ! Sweet and Fresh, I really love rain water. My pawrents love in the way they don't need to water the garden : ) and seriously, it's a good weather for nap
    Have a lovely day, Mr. Austin

  6. Same lousy weather at your house too I see.
    I wish that the sun will come back soon so I can take mom out for a walk !

  7. Vicky I wish I could too lol

    Admiral dear, mommies are just crool

    Julie, you just can't win lol

    Deb, no sunshine due :( Actually the *sigh* was from the poor person holding the camera lol xox

    Mr P, thanks buddy. You too. BTW just been over to see your water bowl!!!! lol

    Kjelle, I guess we are in the same rain cloud!!

    Paula, yep SO much cat :)

  8. I want to send your rain to my sister in San Antonio, Texas. They are desperate! Love the pics!

  9. Rain, rain go away
    Tuxie Austin wants to play

    Rain, rain come hither
    It's nap time, don't dither

    Rain, rain go away
    Let the sun brightens the day


  10. Hi Jan, I know Texas is in great need of rain!

    Caren, me too! xx

    That you Angelina? Excellent pome :>) Says it all lol

  11. We've had the same rain and our guys are bored since they can't go out either. Shall we rustle up some mischief?

  12. We need the rain so whoever sent it to you, please send it our way. We love that tiny little umbrella. Like how you made sure it was raining everywhere. Have a really fun day.

  13. Austin, did the guilt work to get you some extra Num-Nums? Hope you had a good Mo' Cats Day and that you get some sunshine for vole hunting pronto!


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