Thursday, 15 September 2011

Breakfast in Bed

Two mornings in a row now, Austin has deposited one of these on the courtyard outside my bedroom window.

Needless to say, this was not the condition in which they arrived :(  He was so pleased with himself. He jumped up to the window ledge and woke me up with one of his yowly meows to announce what he'd done. 

"Look, I brought you breakfast!"  Errr? Thanks!

Now to spare those who are of a more delicate disposition and also out of respect for the deceased, I have not photographed the remains. For this I expect you are grateful.

As a result and also because it's about that time again (but mostly out of sheer spite), Austin received a dose of this on the back of his neck ....... ... 

...... while he was taking his postprandial nap.  

He was not happy.

He morphed into the Incredible Sulk

and it was the last we saw of him for the rest of the day!!

P.S. I believe he was making the point, after I caught him red pawed the other day, that he would jolly well go over the road to the field whether I liked it or not!


  1. Frontline is better than Flea Bath , Mr. Austin. I won't mind it at all, Actually I did purrs when my dad give me a shot : )
    Have a pawsome day

  2. Hmmm...Austin wants to be the provider, for a change. Flea? Is Austin now a flea farmer? purrr...meow!

  3. Didn´t your mom wan´t the mousie for breakfast ??
    Very strange ;-)

  4. Okay. First...EWWWWW! Yikes~!

    Secondly...this was too funny. Cats are just too personality oriented!

    Loved this post!

  5. Mr P you are pawsome in your mancatness!!

    Tucker, poor indeed ... not! lol

    Angelina, Austin has aspirations to branching out in that area. I am less keen!

    Kjelle, mom's are very strange indeed

    Dominique, personality is the word! Thanks x

  6. Oh Dear... I know it's nature's way, but I prefer the gifts Zee brings us each morning - he gathers a pile of stuffed plush toys and brings them into the bedroom all night long - we wake up to an average of 6 of them of the floor each morning.

    Oh, and thank you for the reminder - I have to round up my crew for their monthly dose... the weekend is not off to a good start!!

  7. What an excellent hunter you are! I'm proud of you. I play with mine when they come in in the Fall of the year. My sisfur used to bring them right on in the house cause mom never looked when she opened the door.

  8. Deb, I think I love Zee more and more each day ♥ Oh good luck this weekend 8{ xox

    Admiral sweetheart, Austin did that once or twice. Now I hope I've wised up to him. He now has to give a password, which of course necessitates him opening his mouth!!! xox

  9. Caro - it's one of my longer posts, but I did a story on Zee's little habit (as well as Zoey's not so sweet habit) if you want to check it out later. He is such a sweetheart that you can't help but fall in love with him!

  10. Thanks for no picture, MOL. I see those bodies all the time around here.
    We go sulk too when we get that stuff on our necks. It does stink. But it does work too. We didn't know that Frontline had a combo one.
    Have yourselves a fabulous day and week end too.

  11. Deb, will be right over ... x

    Marg, yep a combo! Makes his fur stick up like a punk lol

  12. That little mouse is so cute... he didn't kill a cute one did he?

  13. I do wish cats weren't such violent creatures. Having said that, I'm sure if cats were educated in the ways of the human they'd see that we are often capable of worse, so I try to let the little furry friends of the world off the hook... ;)
    Still, if Austin must insist on "treating" you every morning, teach him to hunt for chocolate :D

  14. Fin, it's ok, it was pig ugly :)

    Sarah, it's a work in progress, lol

  15. Austin, we are proud of your hunting prowess. Odin caught and mouse today too but wouldn't share it for breakfast.
    Thanks for your kind words today at our blog.

  16. Breakfast in bed and not on bed...hmm...You just never know what good hunters are thinking. Glad we got to see the before photo of breakfast!


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