Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Don't Mess with your Kitty!

Austin here. My good pal Mr Puddy wants stories about how humans try and mess with us kitties.  There is no one big story, but just a rule of claw to be noted by chief human slave. So here goes:

If I want your attention and you don't respond immediately, I will become BIG CLAW and wreak havoc. Hehe hehe hehe he...... .

AND more specifically, if you close any door to me, I will not be held responsible for what BIG CLAW does:

 Carpet outside door to bedroom!

Lesson for my human : Don't Mess with Ya Kitty ; )
Name of Kitty : Austin da Kool
Kitty's Weapon : The BIG CLAW


  1. Now I know what your human have to put up with..Ha..Ha..Ha and live under your paws, Austin : )

    Thanks for sharing, I love it

    PS : I will share your post in FB and Twitter : )

  2. Wow we have designer rugs just like that at our house. You must have biped issues just like we do.

  3. Wonderful true. SIGH. Messing with Mizz Zoe is never a good idea. It ends in her leaving the house for hours and returning with dragonflies, cicadas, half dead frogs and proudly present them right on my pillow. Oeerrgggg

  4. Yeah...we've shown our mom the BIG CLAW too!! Don't mess with kitty!!

  5. Ouch! Kitty won that battle! ha ha

  6. Hahahaha....good on ya Austin! High 5 for Big Claw! har har har *evil laughs*

  7. Muhawhahahahaha.... Insert evil laugh... you tell em Austin. We taught our humans this lesson many years ago and are quite proud to report we rarely have to resort to the claw anymore because they respect our authority and we reign superior...

    Zee, Zoey, Mia, Peanut, Rolz, Harley, and Jazz (hardly a fair fight, is it??)

  8. i did that to MY mommy's carpet too! did we not do a great job???? Yes!

  9. It seems BIG CLAW is a pandemic!!!! lol

    Thanks for your comments one and all x

  10. HA!!!! I forgot about the carpet one! I think I forgot that Cody used to do that because we got rid of the carpet outside the bedroom so he doesn't do that anymore.
    Great one!


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