Friday 22 July 2011

Cat Flap Result .... (sort of)

If you've been with me from the beginning (and I'm sure you haven't, as I never told anyone I was blogging for months!!) you will know about the cat-flap-in-the-shed saga. In September 2009 I posted the sorry tale "Getting into a Flap".  Funny series of pictures, go on take a look!  

Despite the initial flurry of excitement from Tigger who went in and out once, there has been nothing to indicate that the two have cottoned on to how the jolly thing works. Since then I've trailed up to the top of the garden (on sunny days!) to open up so the boys can sleep away the day. Good exercise for me, but a bit of a waste of a cat flap!  Until today ... nearly two years on!

I went up to do the usual and Austin for some reason didn't want me to go?  He threw himself bodily against my legs meowing and kicking up an awful fuss, impeding my progress to the point of me either having to fall over, kick him, or stop. The first was undignified, the second, unthinkable and third was understandable. So I did the third followed by the first. Happily the second was avoided.

When I eventually arrived at the shed, to open the door, this is what I saw:

Doesn't he look pleased with himself?  He'd managed, after all this time, to suss it out. It only took one year and ten months!  I was so happy, I did a little dance. Well I would have done, if Austin hadn't been velcroed to my leg! I think he must have been a bit put out (yeah, out the shed!!).  He went off and had a bit of a sulk.

Now all I need is for Tigger to teach Austin and we're sorted!

By the way, these photos come to you courtesy of my brand new Nikon Coolpix ;>) This is the case I got with it >^..^< I'm right chuffed!



  1. Aah so you went with the Nikon in the end? Good choice, they're nifty little things!

    Gold star to Tigger for sussing it out :) Lets hope Austin follows on...
    and I thought I was a slow learner!!

  2. Cheez who can make tizz wurk? Maybe a tigger not a tuxedooo...
    says Mizz Zoe, another tuxedo who uses the window as door....considering the flap as highly dangerous, no treat, no praise, no freshly grilled sardinas has changed that yet!

  3. Sarah, yep! Thanks. Someone else suggested it too. I am very pleased :))

    Paula It must be a tux thing :( Perhaps they are just used to being waited on paw and claw lol

  4. is that that new camera that is shaped like a cat? If so, I have been dying for one!

    Glad he finally figured it out!

  5. Cats are so observant, chances are Austin knows all about the flap and just doesn't WANT to use it. Contrary little beasts.

  6. Caren, nooo it's just the case that's got a kitty on it lol

    Katnip guys, I think you are right. Austin's really spooked by the catflap!!!

  7. That Tigger is smuggness in a fur coat, for sure!! Has he lost weight, or is it just a summer thing?

  8. Well it could be a summer thing, but also his people could be away on holiday, as he's here even more than usual and even more hungry!

  9. They really had you trained, didn't they! One success story now, one to go. Hope Austin learns soon.

  10. Aww, great pics and I *love* the new camera case! :) :)

  11. Tigger is also using the tissues in the shed! But is too modest to tell you what else he is up too!

  12. I knew I had read this. Or Admiral did!


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