Tuesday 26 July 2011

Three ways ......

.......that Austin makes me chuckle (inwardly!)

1) The way he rushes up to me arching his back; screeches to a halt three feet away; makes like a crab; sidles; clonks his furry bod against me and then cuddles my leg with his lovely long tail, before returning to his extremely important business project that's ongoing behind the crocosmia.

2) The way he talks to me with barely audible little chirrups; just touching base; making sure we're still ok.

3) The way he looks me straight in the eye, blinks slowly before going all coy and rolling over on his back waving his front paws. I believe he knows that all those years ago I went to the rescue centre to get a dog!

Next time Austin says he will list three things he tolerates about me (negotiations about keyboard access are at a critical juncture and talks could break down).


  1. He's not trading junk bonds back there behind the bush, is he? You might want to put a stop to that...if you can bear to be stern with the furry love-bug.

  2. Had to look up "crocosmia" - I'm hopeless with remembering plant names :-)
    Austin is hilarious! Thanks for the giggle. xxxx

  3. Katnip you made me lol ... no really :))

    Paula, He's got magnificent whiskers !

    Nicky, he's a caution! The crocosmia is beautiful at the moment. I should have included a pic of it. Maybe in next post :) xx

  4. oh I think my other swains may feel a slight threat as Austin has my eye with that handsome face and his back up and prancing side ways just makes mommy want to snuggle him so much!!!

  5. Haha! We can't wait to see what Austin comes up with!!

  6. Wonderful picture and great things to notice about him.

    pawhugs, Max

  7. Oh Admiral, Austin's come over all unnecessary >^..^<

    .... and he's working on his thesis!!

  8. Shame ! Shame on Me !!!!!! I'm so late here ! I'm sorry.
    But you know what ? Me and mom really love this topic !
    Me and mom can giggle from #1-3
    We can't wait for next 3 things : )


    PS : Me made mom chuckle too but difference details : )

  9. Oh Austin... How I love thee! Let me count the ways! Great post with incredible insight to the inner workings of a cat!

  10. Austin,
    Keep your mom guessing. har har har *evil laughs*


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