Monday 18 July 2011

I've been +1'd !

I will never get my head around all the things you can do with stuff you find on the internet. You can buzz it, tweet it, digg it, fark it. You can bing, ping, ding, zing ...... whatever! You can like, peek, link, wink, blink. You can even dogpile and hotbot (though I don't think you can do both together!) Then there is, of course, Google.

Just lately, this little doohicky thingy has turned up everywhere on the internet. Have you noticed it?
And the question on everyones's lips down the supermarket is "Have you +1'd someone today"?  

Well not that I'd noticed! Could I have done it accidentally? Is it legal? Is it safe? Should one see a doctor? I have once again descended into the morbid flux of online paranoia.  Even more so now, because I've got a +1 option appearing on the bottom of each blog post and what's more someone has +1'd me on my last post!

This is a tad worrying.  What will happen to me? Has my card been marked? Will I be sought out by the blog police? Will I and my blog be sent to Google Room +101 for decontaminating and be subjected to untold Orwellian horrors?

It seems the end is nigh ...... sigh!

So, I've girded my loins and had a rummage around google (I googled google!!), being careful not to accidentally +1 anything that can come back to bite me, and it came up with something called Google+, but without the 1.  Before I knew it (thanks Dave!) I found myself "hanging" out in "streams", "sparks" and "circles" as I signed up on yet another social networking site! It's more than this agéd crone can cope with.

However, I am still not absolutely certain as to what the jolly +1 button is and why it is ubiquitous on the interwebs? Personally, I feel there is more to it than meets the eye! Is it perhaps an option (say, like on satelite TV) which allows you to access a website an hour later if you can't be faffed now?  "They" say it's similar to the facebook "like" button, but I don't know. Proof will be when folk start saying "I +1 you very much. Will you have dinner with me?"  And then of course, what do you do if you don't like something? Is there going to be a -1 button?

Ok let's be serious.  I've been +1'd and I've got to come to terms with it. It's a .... you know .... fate accomplished 

I definitely +1 this picture :D

 And ..... breathe ........  Ahhhhhhhhhhh! 

Got to go, I think someone's just farked me !


  1. Well we definitely plus one you! AND that picture! AWW!

  2. We think Mommy just freaked out...pretty soon tech is going to fry her brain. She's a little non-plussed about this new-fangled stuff.

  3. My mom freak out about new thing too ! But thanks so much for info : )
    The more I know, The more I'm so happy to be a cat : )

  4. Oh, so it's a sort of new networking site than? Didn't know that. If I'll join one day, I'll be sure to look for you... xoxo

  5. yep I am in the new Google+ too but frankly I don't think I have time for any more new social media sites, they are driving me crazy!

    About the +1 I think it is a rating system. I have +1'd MYSELF!! lol. Hey if I don't, who the heck will? lol

  6. is there a double plus I could give you for this post and the pic? Have to google....

  7. I hate being farked. I thought the +1 meant someone was one uping me.


  8. Aunty Caro,
    Huh? Too much info for a cat to digest. To me, you're more than +1. You're +1,000,000. har har har *evil laughs*

  9. Hey everyone, I didn't mean to freak you!!! But thanks for the laughs.

    *Goes off to +1 herself* ....... >"_"<

  10. At the age of 25 I'm supposed to be of "that age" where I give a hoot about all things Internet related. This isn't the case. You're not the only one who is unfamiliar with Google+ but in all honesty, is it really a big deal? I had someone on deviantART trying to get me to join and I really wasn't keen on the idea. Heck, it took me at least three (possibly four) years to be talked into joining Facebook!

    New things pop up all the time (ie. Google+) just like existing things go out of fashion (MySpace, anyone?). The digital world moves quickly but there is nothing uncool about not following it. We have lives after all ;)

  11. Sarah it's cool to be a Luddite in this day and age lol You are right .. and judging by the other comments, you are not alone!

    Avoiding new stuffs is to be advised, Admiral x

  12. Hmmpff.... And I just figured out that if you type a colon and a parenthesis, it makes a smiley face! Way too much technology for this little pea brain to dwell on!!

  13. There you go, Deb, you'll be writing software programs before you know it!!

  14. Ah, a foreign language blog. :)

    Seriously, didn't realize one can do all those things online.

    We haven't figured out the +1 yet either but we are aware Google+ is a social network and we don't think we're ready for another We haven't figured out the ones we have yet.

  15. So many social networks... so little time! :)

    (and to add to your list... there is also klout!)

    Funny post!! +1 to you!!


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