Sunday, 27 February 2011


This is what greets me through the bedroom window most mornings.  It's no wonder I'm a basket case.  It's all part of his daily going-out-and-coming-in ritual. Go out conservatory window, come in bedroom window, go out utility room door, come in front door, go out bedroom window, come in conservatory door. By 8 a.m. I'm exhausted and ready for a few days in respite care. Oh and in case you're thinking "why doesn't she get a cat flap organised?"  It has been tried!!!

On another note I have discovered that Austin has become hardcore - not sure what it is, but hear it used by the young things :)  Anyway, forget catnip.  It's for the kids.  Austin has developed a craving for a certain fabric softener. Shall I name it?  I could be sued? Oh well, never mind. It's called COMFORT. It's not even the normal one, but the concentrate! Shock, horror!  So when his blanket is newly washed, he kind of goes all psychedelic. He sniffs it and rolls in it, purring loudly all the time and even cuddles it for crying out loud!  Eventually he is overcome by euphoria......

.......... and has to rest his nose!

I my cat :>)

N.B. Perhaps the nice people that manufacture COMFORT will read this and give me (and Austin) a lifetime's supply :>)


  1. Haha I actually understand where he's coming from! When I use my friend's spare room she uses a huge amount of fabric conditioner on the sheets and its gorgeous! I just curl up and sniff it, haha!

    That first pic looks like something out of The Shining! D:

  2. I'll put in a good word for you, Sarah. Maybe they'll include you in the deal!

  3. Austin dear, I agree with you. Fabric softener is waaaaaayyyy more addictive than catnip. I prefer Downy though....the lavender one....heaven.... purrrr....meow!

  4. I've got one who is addicted to snuffling plastic bags. Preferably black bin bags, but Sainsburys works too. Gets herself into quite a state. Should I ween her onto Comfort? Suggestions please.

  5. Cat-in Sydney whatever way you get mellow, it's cool :)

    Fin you need to get down wiv da kidz, babe.

    tt Hmmm! Comfort probably has less long term effects 8<} You need to introduce slowly, once a week, until you find she's following you to Sainsburys. Then I would say your work is done!

  6. Respite care! Austin, you are really making your Mum work! It's time for you to get a job, and stop inhaling Comfort fumes. You've been on the dole for tooo long. And the drug use must stop. ;)

  7. I feel certain you will receive a lifetime deserve nothing less!

  8. LOL! He's such a character.

    That Comfort thing is bizarre! (Other conditioners are available)

    Hardcore is what they say... or usually what I say.

    Good grief, I laughed so much at him "resting his nose". Good one!


  9. Hi Carolyn...

    Great blog... Can't believe I've been missing your super writing up until now. Love it and I'll be by on my daily rounds.

    pawhugs, Max


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