Friday 27 April 2012

Pink Shtink and BlogPaws Nominations!

It’s so very unfair
And also unkind
For someone to use photoshop
When someone else doesn’t have opposable thumbs
And so can’t get control of the stupid mouse!


Ok, moving on to other business. It has come to our attention that it is coming up to the 2012 BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Social Media Pet Blogging Awards

If you click on the above link it will tell you all about it. Basically there are twelve categories in which blogs can be nominated. There are no limits to how many each person can nominate and they can even nominate themselves! Ahem! Not that we would … hint hint …. nominate ourselves in the "best humor blog” category, not the least because somebody can’t spell humour!!! Sheesh!

Anyway click here to find out more and nominate your favourite blogs. You have until May 6th to make up your mind!

Now what do you think Austin is trying to say?

Not so much in the pink as feeling a bit blue?


  1. Austin, we know. The Electric Fangs of Death are too good for her!

  2. Just like the song: Gotta turn those brown eyes blue? (quite electric) Austin, you look ready for a night out at the Disco! Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

  3. Oh dear !
    I don´t know what to say about you in pink fur , Austin ??
    I guess that you don´t wan´t to hear any comments about that it suits you *MOL*
    Wish you good luck in the competition Austin , I think you are going to win the whole thing !

  4. Austin, you come right over here! I will meow in'll always want to stay.

  5. Stand up for yourself, Austin. Public appearances in Pink may be alright for some celebrities, but being a "man's man" cat, let your partner know you that you prefer to appear in blue.

  6. Austin, someone needs to pay for making you pink.

  7. Nice Photoshop trickery! Sometimes it's the human's only defense. ha!
    We've got a BIG list of our fave blogs! Lots of nominations to make this weekend ; )
    xo Katie & Glogirly

  8. Austin, I have the sneakin' suspicion that you may already be plotting your pay-back...And you need to be one of best humor nominations for sure.

  9. Austin, we cannot believe that your Mom turned you Pink. But the blue eyes are terrific. We think you should nominate yourselves in the funny blog category. Oh did you want us to nominate you?? Have a great day.

  10. Although I prefer your white tuxedo, the pink suits you very well too. I would have to make green mousies, because Rosie loves green !

  11. I want you to get nominated. I wanna get nominated too. I gotta figure out how this works!

  12. FaRADaY: We allz gets to nominate each other and then vote TONS and TONS cuz we all deserves to win cuz we's all WUNNERFUL!

    Allie: (whispers: Faraday, you're running your mouth off again. oh look! a bird! *points*) Whew, good thing the Brat is so easy to manipulate!

    Austin, I must say that your mum did happen to choose THE Best colour to Photoshop you. *mini squee* PINK!!

  13. Austin, you are always in the pink! What's great this year about the BlogPaws noms is it's not about numbers. All it takes is one nomination and the panel of judges decide.

  14. Thanks Austin!

  15. At least she Photoshopped in and didn't actually dye your furs pink!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  16. Austin, I hate to say it but you look pretty in pink. And be glad you don't live with an artist who has both PhotoShop and various art materials that can make you look totally out the door for a dignified tuxedo cat!

    I spell "humour" with a "u" now and then...perhaps I'm a little too close to Canada...good luck!

  17. Austin, I was just absent for a few days and find you pinkish blue upon my return. She is always up to some mischief, isn't she!

  18. Hey I went to nominate you and I don't have all the info. Can you supply please?


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