Sunday 8 April 2012

If Occam met Gordias

If Alexander the Great had used Occam's razor to cut the Gordian knot, would it have been a Pyrrhic victory? Or perhaps he did manage to untie it after all. We know Alexander was a canny lad. But if King Pyrrhus of Epirus was ruined by his victory against the Romans, why was he not more concerned about Greeks bearing gifts of razors?

It's a conundrum and also a confused conflation of historical (and possibly mythical) periods! But that's the great thing about history, past events are viewed through the lens of selective subjective opinion.

Austin feels I have been a bit esoteric, but I put it down to being ov
er medicated!

Anyway, we both want to take time to wish you all a very

But it’s not all about eggs and bunnies you know!

Just saying …. :-)


  1. Since I´m a cat it´s ALL about eggs and bunnies ;-)
    Happy Easter to you too !

  2. I'm not a cat, but if I was, I'd owe my whiskers to whoever put them on my face. >(o.o)<

    Happy Easter!!


  3. I am wary of Greeks in general. And Greek Generals.

    And razors.

  4. Well, crumbs, Mommy was so busy being "witty" we for got to wish you a Happy Easter from the pagan horde!

  5. HUH!? No wonder Austin has a nip problem with that kind of talk. We had an Easter miracle on my blog. TW noticed that today a picture of Jesus Christ has appeared in the header picture. We never saw in there before. Whoa! Happy Easter!

  6. ...Or under-medicated, but who's to judge?

    This post made me smile. Good for an Easter morning.

    Take Care!

  7. Peace be with you, new furend! Happy Ressurection Day!!


  8. We always knew Austin was a philosopher. We like chewing the Gordian knots in our our Persian rugs ;-) Have a blessed Easter!

  9. We are with Austin, HUH. But we do wish you a very Happy Easter. You are probably in bed by now.
    Bailey is a dog that belongs to a wonderful lady that does not have a blog because she has real trouble with her hands and can't type very much. I voted for Bailey in a couple of contests that he was in, so we became friends. So for the fun of it, I put him on my blog. She is good friends with Brian at Brians blog.
    Take care.

  10. Actually, it's not any about eggs and bunnies, is it? Happy Easter!

  11. A very happy Easter to you all!
    He has risen!

  12. Austin darl,
    In our household, everyday is a it Eid, Xmas, CNY, Vesak, Divali, Easter, name it. The only thing we don't observe is fasting. Come on...we're cats. Cats don't fast...except the night before *snip*....ouch! Your fellow tuxie is due for his *snip* next month! purrr....meow!

  13. OK, I don't care if it's due to being over medicated, it gave me a chuckle. Hope you had a good Easter.

  14. What fun! Austin, don't worry your pretty little head about your mom's mewsings, they really are not at all logical, but they are very clever. She's a keeper, you know.

  15. LOL, my response when reading the first paragraph was quite a bit like Austin's. It's early and my brain is muddled, that has to be my excuse.

    I hope you and Austin and all your family had a very Happy Easter! :)

  16. Oh, I wasnt around. Surely it is all about eggs and bunnies, and the little chicks, and the roasted lamb.... he we are cats, arent we?


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