Monday 15 August 2011

Haiku Nil, Limerick Won

I can't write Haiku
about Austin the Feline.
Will do limerick.
Young Austin while stalking a mouse
Climbed up to the top of the house!
He got such a fright
As he fell from a height
And landed on top of a grouse
There was a young tabby called Tigger
Who ate Austin's food with some vigour.
He rushed at the bowl,
the poor starving soul,
Each day he was rounder and bigger.

We are worried about Austin's addiction
to treats - this causes some friction!
He clawed mother's thumb,
so was kicked up the b*m;
He then sulked and had a conNIPtion.

* Please note that no animal was harmed during the writing of these limericks, though the odd human was bloodied!


  1. LOL KL, I must try harder to get it wrong! :P

  2. I love Austin's "don'" face :P
    You should make a book of cat tales :D I know how...

  3. you are so silly! These are hilarious!

    My fave is the "conNIPtion!" MOL!

  4. HAHAHA! The photos and the verses are fantastic. I KNEW you could do better than that old man Lear...
    who was terribly weird and queer!

    *cough*. I will try not to verse ;-)

  5. Excellent!! We loved the limericks...and that haiku you snuck in there!! ;)

  6. MOL... I like your limerick. Especially the first one, Best part ? When Austin landed on top of a grouse..Ha..Ha..Ha

  7. Austin you lucky boy,
    Your mom's limerick's a joy!
    purrr *giggles*

  8. Sarah, I think that's his best side, lol. Think book about cat tales sounds like hard work!!!

    Caren, thanks :) It made me laugh too, as I never knkw what's coming!

    David, try not to verse
    It's rather perverse x

    Island Cats, thanks. Haiku has a habit of popping up lol

    Mr P yep Thought you'd like that xx

    Fin, sokay as long as she didn't lol

    Paula, thats very true lol

    Cat from Sydney,
    It's all just a ploy,
    He's out to annoy! lol

  9. Love it! Thanks for giving me a laugh :-)

  10. You're welcome, Nicky. We aim to amuse :) xx

  11. Bloodied humans...pffftt! That's a given.

  12. Austin - you somehow always seem to teach us something - one day it's math, now it's creative writing!! What a delightful limerick and we love the the last picture of you... it looks like you have hit your last level of patience...

  13. Admiral, speaking as a veteran of many a skirmish with the claw, I now realise that. *sigh* lol

    Deb, Oh he's a clever lad, that's for sure. That picture says it all, huh!

  14. That was a very funny Limerick !!!
    I´m glad that no cat was harmed during the writing :)

    P.S Found ma way to your blog through Mr Puddy :)

  15. Hi there Kjelle Bus. That Mr Puddy is a great guy :))

  16. Great haiku and limerick! You folks got it goin' on in the clever department!

  17. Limericks are lovely! As is this one, for sure! We thoroughly enjoyed it!

  18. LOVE the limericks!!!! SO clever. As for the bloodied writer...that's the risk she takes.
    ; )

  19. We're impressed. It's not easy writing Haiku or limericks. Austin, you have talented humans.

  20. Most limericks are simply written,
    as long as there's a kind of rhythm.
    You'll run out of words,
    but there are plenty of nerds,
    who will supply all you need - it's a given!

    Well you can't win every time! lol

    Thanks for the comments everyone x


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