Saturday, 14 November 2015

Caturday Art: What a to-do!

Note: We weren't going to do a fun post today after the horrible and shocking events in Paris last night.  But we will carry on, as we don't want those evil people to stop the way we live our normal lives. We do send our deepest condolences and our thoughts and prayers to all those who have been caught up in the terror.

What a to do!
And that's a fact.
No one knows
Where my eye is at!

The right eye's there,
My tongue is too.
Whiskers are bristling
Eyebrows' askew?

The tips of my ears,
Have been cut off!
Please be kind,
And do not scoff!

It's not my fault
The pho-tog-grapher
Has no skills
And is unpopular!

But I'll persevere
I will prevail
It's not an option
The cat will fail!

So here I am,
The one-eyed mog!
Who now looks a bit
Like an old sea dog!

We are joining the Caturday Art blog hop with Athena and Marie


  1. Austin! M mom has several with no eye and she tries to pass them off as film noir and as art! She cut off the tip of my ear in today's blog as well! There is no accounting when shiftless people are in charge of the flashy box!

  2. Oh Austin, your Mom is just so darn funny. She makes our Mom laugh out loud.
    It is very sad and scary about the attack in Paris. Horrible Horrible stuff. You all have a great week end.
    By the way Austin, you are looking good with one eye.

  3. Horrible times call for love laughter and light Austin..otherwise yes evil wins..and so onto the abyssmal photo your assistant has posted..
    We feel for you one eyed kitty
    I think what the photographer did was kind of s***y
    But you live to fight another day
    Just head to the couch ..lift and spray..
    MOL..loves and paw oats Cleo.. xxxx

    1. Oh Cleo, you've gone and made be laff!
      I might have to go and have a baff!
      Especially if I lift and spray...
      Will I live to fight another day?????
      MOL xxx

  4. Austin, thanks for the smile. Truly. We are so sad for France. Your poem and cute, sweet face made us happy. You truly look like a rascally pirate in that second pic. Perfect!

  5. Ya done good Austin, you sure make us smile here too!

  6. Austin yes indeed we much carry on while sending purrs and lots of kitty kisses to our friends in France.

    Oh I do love your are for sure a silver tongued mancat
    Hugs madi your bfff

  7. lol that was grand. Just don't go sniffing butts across the land

  8. You're so right, Austin.

    I decided to only watch the main news. I don't need to know all the bloody details - I don't want to give them the attention they want to have. I've been reading how media can trigger school shootings, and I try to support other happenings that need our attention.

    I love today's picture!!

  9. Great poem, Austin.

    Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the tragic events in Paris.

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  10. Austin! Yous is a one eyed cat too!!! Watch when yous walking, mes walks into things!
    And mes loves your poem, it made mes laughs!!!
    Nellie at Mommy's Blog

  11. PS: events like what happened in France... those are precisely WHY we need cat blogs. And dog blogs.

  12. Thanks for making us laugh, Austin.
    We are very sad for the people of Paris and our thoughts are with them.

  13. Fun art and poetry all in one. You're amazing Austin.

  14. I loved your poem, Austin! And you are right, letting these horrible events get in the way of our daily lives is letting the perpetrators win.

  15. Poor Austin! TW cuts my ears off all the time and it’s painful too.

  16. MOL! You did good with having only one eye and half ears. :)

  17. You're so right ! You make a pawsome pirate ! Purrs

  18. ;) Wee are so definitelee ree-lated uncle Austin!!!
    Grate poe-em an foto...
    ***Hi-5'SS*** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

  19. Fun poem! That is quite a tongue you have there Austin! The eye patch makes you mysterious.
    I have been missing your posts. I count on The Book of Face but I do have you here on Feedly but I don't check it regularly... !


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