Sunday, 23 August 2015

The "Can you guess what I'm looking at?" Selfie

Is it a bird?
Is it a plane?
Is it The Staff?
She's such a pain!

My eyes so big.
It must be scary.
Whiskers twitch.
It's not a fairy!

Look very hard
Into my eyes.
What do you see?
You might surmise!

There is a figure
Reflected therein.
And now you'll know
My terrible sin!

The truth is out
And I feel daft
Cos the selfie was taken
By The Staff!

So yet again I am cheating! But I humbly submit my pseudo selfie to the Sunday Selfie blog hop in the hopes they won't notice anything untoward! It is, as always, hosted by our pals the Kitties Blue. You can join in by clicking on the badge below



  1. Happy Sunday dear Austin. That look on your face looks like you saw my mom right after she rose uo out of bed. It's sure not the face or hair she shows everyone else! Just me!!

  2. Your Mom! I see two white eyebrow whiskers, Austin!
    This really is a handsome picture of you!

  3. Austin, that's a great selfie...even if you did have some help (seriously...we all get a little help with them, don't we?). ;)

  4. There's a human in your eyes Austin and that's a great selfie!

  5. Assisting in selfies is part of the staffs duties isn't it? Love your ditty today Austin! Looking handsome as always my friend!

  6. Great selfie Mom. It is OK to get a little assistance Austin. You all have a fantastic day.

  7. Was the staff as naked as can be? That can be scary lol

  8. This is a great picture of you! The humans can definitely be a pain but they do help take good selfies. We biggified and saw her reflection in your eye. :)

  9. hehehe great photo great poem too Austin,xx Speedy

  10. Austin, OK we'll admit we have a little help too in our 'selfie' taking. I'm sticking to my paws are too short!
    YOU LOOK so cute!
    Great Selfies!!
    Annabelle, Boo, Ping & Mr Jinx

  11. Mew mew mew that iss a GRATE selfie Unccle Austin!!!!
    An yur poe-em iss funny also.
    Happy sunny *easy on* Sunday...
    ***paw patsss*** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xXx

  12. Love it! Don't worry, I cheat too :)

    Purrs xx

  13. You are an excellent poet Austin. Trust the Staff to photobomb your eye reflection! My mum helps me out as well.

  14. I think the poem made up for it being a pseudo selfie, Austin!

  15. Nice poem, I am sure you wrote that. Our staff takes the selfies here too ( shh! don't tell).

  16. We wouldn't have even known if you hadn't told us! Our Mama has to help our students too.

  17. We admit that all of our selfies are taken by the staff. MOL

  18. Pawsome poem ! Are treats involved ? Purrs

  19. How twitchy your whiskers,
    How very round your eyes,
    I can see from your expression,
    There's going to be a big surprise!

    xxoo - hope it's a good one.

  20. I think everybody cheats, just sayin'. #ifcatshadthumbs Love Dolly

  21. Happy Sunday, Autstin. We won't tell - we cheat sometimes, too.

  22. Great poem Austin. I'm glad I''m not the only one who has human reflections in my "selfie" eyes.

  23. Well, we see your human reflected in your eyes, Austin, but that's still a marvelous "selfie!" :)

  24. Oh My Sweet Man!
    Mes Knows that yous is seeing Mes! As a Bubble, drifting through the room....
    your eyes...following the glistening image if mes...awaiting my entrance and landing..
    ever so soflty on the pillow, where we will snuggle and cuddle and clean each others ears...

  25. Austin, if you hadn't ratted yourself out, we never would have guessed. But it's about time Staff Caro did something for YOU! We must say, that is a most pawsome photo. You are one of the most handsomest cats we know. And we really appreciate your joining our blog hop. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  26. Austin we love your selfie photo - we CAN see your Staff in your eyes but know what? A whole lot of us do the CHEAT when it comes to selfies......I may have extra toes on my paws but I can't manage to push the little button on my own on Mom's camera! So there!

    Hugs, Sammy

  27. Me kittens Austin, you be so talented. Luv yous foto even ifin yous cheated. What diffewence duz it make we say. Have a pawsumly blest day.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  28. Hey at least your staff TAKES selfies of you so that you can purrticipate! Mine doesn't do crap! Love, Cody

  29. Our mommy doesn't help us with selfies at all so we don't ever post on Sundays. Sheesh.

  30. Love your selfie!
    I bet you are looking at a bug...

    Noodle and crew

  31. Austin buddy, don't sweat it! We always do "pseudo" selfies! Great poem and selfie too!

  32. I'm looking at your purrty eyes
    hugs madi your bff

  33. Well Austin I have to admit that me too finds it hard to take selfies without thumbs to hold the camera :)


  34. Me thinks I see The Staff in your eyes. Better get her out of there.

  35. HAD to smile at Cathy Keisha! She has some good advice!!!

  36. Austin...we all cheat...but we don't always get caught! ;p You look adorable :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  37. You can cheat anytime you want... we won't tell... promise! Purrs from Deb and the Zee/Zoey Gang


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