Friday 5 July 2013

I can haz Mousebreath!!!

Oh yes! Dr Austin Tuxedo (aka Killer!) is featured in that esteemed cat magazine Mousebreath this week.  He was interviewed by the fabulous Funny Farmer Felines.

So if you would like to be bored silly by yet another z-list wannabe celeb spouting on about themselves, then you can read every self-absorbed and hyperbolical word of it here ;)

Many thanks to the Funny Farmer Felines and Jan for making it such a fun interview and also for the super graphic :)

It's Austin here. Guess what?
I received an award from from my buddy Sammy
Errrr.. thanks Sammy, I think??
I have to say that he seems as bemused as I am!

“In their infinite wisdom, the Purrime Ministerettes have made seven rules with which we have to comply to formally accept the award:”
1.  Bow for your Purrime Ministerettes and confirm on your blog you have done so.
2.  Show a picture of you watching Purrime Ministerette movies.   Pictures or it didn’t happen.
3.  Tell Planet Purrth that it needs a change and explain what kind of change you have in mind.
4.  Ask your Purrime Ministerettes what you never dared to ask before.
5.  Bow again for your purrime Ministerettes and confirm on your blog you have done so.
6.  Forward the Purrime Ministerette of Planet purrth Award to at least 3 other blogging anipals.
7.  Do not change the rules without explicit written Purrime Ministerette purrmission.
OK! Can I just say that I have complied with all of the above to the letter, except no. 2 as The Staff says the kind of movies I watch contravene the British Board of Film Censors classification for Bird TV. Apparently there is too much blood and guts! Sheesh! Oh and I pass this award on to ……… *clang* sorry time's up …….!
So, I did my best and if the authorities wish to veto my acceptance of this prestigious award, then I shall be heartbroken, but saylarvee!! ;)

In other news
There is great excitement here at Austin Towers as Austin Mini-Me has arrived!!!! YAY!! He is having a bit of a lie down as it was a long journey from the other side of the country (prolly all of 200 miles!). Anyways, when he is refreshed, he will be making his debut appearance at CATachresis :) 

Also, and very importantly, Leo is looking for his furrever home. A castle in fact! If you know of anyone who could give Leo a loving home in the northern California area please contact Savannah. You can read about him here.

hyperbolical, hyper-bolical - extremely bolical (bit like The Staff!)


  1. We enjoyed your interview tree-mendously Austin. So glad you got a good home after you were found in such distressing circumstances (always try to hotwire a car from the dashboard dude!
    Seriously, we are glad you got the care you needed.
    Hope Leo gets a good home too.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  2. Great interview. And congrats on that fancy award.We are so glad that you found such a good home. That is well done. Big job getting that award.
    We sure hope Leo finds a new home soon.

  3. We loved your interview Austin with the Funny Farmers Austin - we are so nosy and like to know all your likes and dislikes not to mention grouses about your human. We didn't know you were a rescue cat too.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. I so enjoyed your interview Austin and I find The Staff to be very funny.. :)

  5. Austin we can wait to see your Mini Me. We know it will be pawsome. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Austin, we're heading over now to read your interview...we know it's gonna be great!

  7. Congrats on your award, Austin. And I heard your purr in the video below :)

  8. Thanks for participating, Austin. Or should we show some respect and call you Killer instead? :)

    That's a great award. We got one from Shiva and Jaya when we interviewed them a while ago. If you missed their interview, you gotta read it and go meet the Prime Ministerets. They're fun.

  9. Your interview was fab, Austin! I loved reading and learning more about you. The lady is jealous of where you live. I'm so glad your staff brought you home. Can't wait to see your mini-me and congrats on award! I read all about Leo and hope he gets a home.


    P.s. I think your A-list!

  10. We're going to go check out your interview! ConCats on that pawsome award!
    The Florida Furkids

  11. We can't wait to meet your Mini-me!
    We'll go over to read your interview. Congratulations on your Purrth award!

  12. Austin, I read every word. Wait till sassy sees the picture I will post of myself tomorrow...hehehehe.
    Very bolical of me. I loved your interview! xxoo

  13. This was a boat-load of fun! We're off to read the interview.

  14. Congrats on the award Austin lol... I am off to read your interview now!

  15. Oh, we're headed straight over to Mousebreath!!!
    Enquiring minds want to know Austin's inner-most secrets. MOL!!!

    ...your comment about Austin Towers got us thinking.
    If you ever decide you want an REALLY EXTREME blog makeover, well...this could be FUN!!!

    ; ) Katie

    (we know it's not really YOU....but it's still fun to ponder!)

  16. We're heading over to Mousebreath to read your interview.

  17. We're kinda behind but we'll find time for your big innerview. Concats on the award. Shiva and Jaya are the Purrime Minsterettes and I'm in their cabinet and I didn't bow. Can't wait for mini Austin. Watach those stuffies or you'll have another HHGutt on your paws.

  18. I luffed your interview, Pal! That's a kinda scary awardie--I wonder what might happen to a kitty who, ya know, changed up the rules??? I ::shudder:: to imagine!

  19. Austin! Concats on being interviewed - and what a furabulous interview it was! Can't wait to see your mini-Austin - I'm sure it's handsome and manly like you right?

    Happy star you!
    Kitty hugs, Sammy

  20. Austin! Yours was the bestest interview since they interviewed mes!!!
    And such a great award! Mes thinks that is better than anything!

  21. dood. we seed via sell ewe lar e mailz mess agge bout yur interviews. lookin for werd ta reedin it we bee bak on de pea N cee on lee. a monday to look for werd two....!!!!! conga ratz:) enjoy de week oh end~~~~~~~~~~

  22. Great interview. Congrats on your award. Can't wait to meet Austin Mini-Me. I hope Leo finds a forever home soon.
    Sue B

  23. You know Austin---We love your blog and we love you!!!! We even love your Staff!!! We are so gald you have this really really great home!!! Loved your interview too!! We didn't know but now we know YOU ARE A CELEBRITY!!!!!
    We are happy about that!!! Happy to Know you!!!

  24. That was a great interview Austin and we were not bored at all! Well, Zee was bored, but that's primarily because he has a limited attention span and fell asleep whilst reading...

  25. Great interview my friend xxx

  26. Not in the LEAST bit hyperbolic. Rather, quite modest, we think!

  27. Nice to meet you Austin ! Great interview : thanks to it, we discovered you and your blog. Purrs. Loupi and Zorro

  28. Fantastic interview sweet Austin. We love you and your blog. You always make us smile, give us giggles and laughs. Not to mention that us lady cats here thank you are sooooo handsome. Hugs and nose kisses

  29. I shall jump right over to read the interview on Mousebreath and ConCATulations to the award :)

  30. Austin I learned some new stuff from the mousebreath interview those were some cool things about you just rolled with the blog. Concats on the award as well.

  31. That was such a great interview, Austin!! Now I'll be able to say I knew you when.

    Can't wait to see your mini.

  32. oh thank you thank you for posting for know he has a furrever castle now and his new furrever staff is coming this weekend for another visit...YEA!! And concatulations on the awards...looks good on ya buddy...I am hopping over to read your sorry I missed it...embarrassed ears

  33. MOWZERS, that Mini Me looks like a SPITTIN image. Dood, yer not being replaced or anything are you? What a cool auction win for you!

    We're heading over to read the FFF interview NOW!


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