Saturday, 16 March 2013

The Cat, the Hat and St Pat!





I so wish I had thumbs!
(sorry, pics are from iPhone and taken with a shaky hand that does have thumbs!)

Most of you will have heard that Google are discontinuing their reader on July 1st, so trying to be ahead of the game, we at the cod end of CATachresis are trying out different readers for all the blogs we visit! It's such fun … not! Anyway at the moment it is the turn of which works well on Macbook Air so far, but on ipad? Not so much ….. unless of course the stupid human has missed a trick, which she probably has! Also receiving blog updates by email is clogging the inbox, so these are also being incorporated into Feedly. We are NOT unsubscribing, just subscribing differently :) 

If anyone has any other suggestions, please feel free to shout! Thanks :)

Google - a search engine that's more than the sum of its parts even though some of its parts are missing


  1. I mostly use Safari on a Macbook (Chrome does not work well for me at all), and I am still looking for a good alternative.

  2. Apparently even the "advantage" of thumbs can't prevent meddling humans from messing stuff up; i.e. Reader.


  3. Thumbs are overrated. Look where it got the humans.
    ; )
    We just read that reader is going away and that Feeburner is only a matter of time. We don't have any great ideas yet, but are all ears.

    We actually like subscribing by's easier for us to keep up. ...that is when Glogirly is doing what she's supposed to.

    ; ) Katie

  4. Waste of time arguing Austin, the humans always get their own way at making us look silly. Actually we think you look rather dapper.
    We are going to try Feedly. We don't want blog updates by email either. We will miss the google reader "next" button the most.

  5. Gentleman Austin that beautiful hat suitable for the festivity.Happy Day of Saint Patricio.Merlina

  6. Oh Honey, never you mind your mommy. Just go on as though it did not happen.

    I think I am the only one who uses the dashboard function where I click B and the blogs show. Is that the Reader?

  7. Typical humans to put hat´s on our heads and make us feel ridiculous !
    You say what ??
    Are Google discontinuing their reader ??!!
    OMC ! What are we going to do ??
    Me and my mom don´t like the idea with following with e-mail either.

  8. Oh no Austin, we cannot believe that the Mom did that to you.
    We don't know what to tell you, othere than make a list on your blog and then you would have the latest posts. It is called blog list. That is what I do. You just better now miss any of our posts. LOL.

  9. The good thing about Wordpress is they have a reader for all of their blogs I subscribe to. The rest of you guys are relegated to Bloglovin.

  10. I love your hat!!! I've tried a bunch of RSS readers too, and your Mom is right, nothing works well on the iPad that we've found yet.

  11. Austin, I have thumbs but I haven't learned how to use them well. You look pretty jaunty in your hat.

    The mom is experimenting with Feedly on her ipad. She doesn't like it much either and is hoping there is something else that's better. She wishes Google would change its mind about Reader.


  12. Love this post and your cute ha-ha-hat.

    TW just sticks most of the blogs we follow on the sidebar of the blog by when they're updated. It doesn't look neat but it works for us.

  13. I've also been messing around with some new readers... I tried Feedly... Idk if I like it yet. I also downloaded FeedDemon. Meh, it seems ok too I guess. Anyways, I think you look great in your hat Austin!

  14. We has so much dum that we just has a big ole bookmark list that we kinda work through when we can, or we just respond to people who leave us comments. My Human never even understood google reader which I guess now doesn't matter since it's gone!

  15. Sorry, Austin, you lose! Your human is pretty clever with that software.

  16. We're looking into Feedly, too. Mom doesn't want to get updates by email because she is overwhelmed with too many each day without getting the hundreds of posts each day. Maybe Google will change their mind . . .

  17. We are starting to subscribe via email to our furrends blogs. We has a special email all set up just for the blogs.

  18. Haha, you got hatted!! I did not know that about the Reader, I shant know what to do!

  19. At least you didn't have to wear a green bowtie! MOL.

  20. got no chance Mr. Poo
    And Thumb can't beat Claw my friend ; )
    Happy St.Patrick's day !!!
    Have a wonderful time, Austin !

  21. Mawwahhaaawa you thought you were going to get away with that Austin..Happy Paddy's Day xxooxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  22. Happy St.Patrick's Day! I follow EVERYONE through email....and I follow over 100 blogs. I like it because I can see the heading at a glance and just delete if it isn't something that interests me. Another option is to set up a second email address like Mom did for Twitter.
    Following by email works GREAT for us!

  23. Top O' The Morning good wishes on this Saint Paddy's Day!

  24. Hey Austin - you are such the dramatist!!! Nice off you to stop at the ends of the shaking your head for the smart human to catch your pose!
    Glad to see you humoured us all and put the hat on for a minute or so!!!
    This issue with google reader has become a universal sadness all over the blogosphere... I don't get why they won't work in to interact with Google+ - that way they won't be alienating so many good folks! Best of luck in your "reader hunt"!!


  25. Austin thanks for the tip about Google we have not heard this news. This require research to know which other way to stay up to date.

  26. Austin, Sassy here. I happen to think that you very dashing in your hat!!!

  27. Okay, better a hat photoshopped on that REALLY stuck on you. But undignified!

  28. We suspected what was coming and unfortunately you look as silly as you thought you would. But it's okay 'cause it's only once a year. Happy St. Pat's Day! Purrs and hugs from the kitties at, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Mauricio, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  29. Hehehehee~~
    Just only once a year~!!!

    Happy St.Patrick's day !!

  30. Austin you never look ridiculous. I keep up with cat blogs via email,Facebook, by returning comments, checking our blogroll and link to the CatBlogosphere.

  31. You looked so cute Austin!!! Mom you did a great job--cats are not easy to take pictures of!!!
    The bottle trick you gave has worked good for a few minutes then back to knocking stuff over is more fun!!!
    But every so often they go back to the bottle for a few minutes. We will get more bottles soon!!!

  32. Austin you look so stylish in your greens!

    There are lots of choices as far as Readers. On ipad a (paid) app called Reeder is good.

    Other things to check maybe :
    The Old Reader

    Just an idea.
    Right now I too like Feedly and supposedly according their blog if you subscribe using feedly now when Reader goes away you won't have to do anything to feedly's rss. which is great.
    Lets hope that works.

  33. now that's a definition I can get behind and support!! I am less and less a Google fan these days...just sayin'...and I follow by email only and use my own email address. Mom Linda has her personal one and we use only mine for my blog stuff and following.


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