Wednesday 28 November 2012

Vet trip - the story so far!

Austin was due for his annual once over and booster shot. As I was really not satisfied with his current vet, I decided to go to one, who I knew was good, a bit further away. So last Friday Austin was unceremoniously shoved enticed into the carrier and we drove merrily on our way. Have to say Austin's talent for singing opera is second to none! We had his rendition of Puccini's aria O Meow Babbino Caro (written just for us, of course) all the way there! 

Austin is pretty good at the vets, he just cowers in my arms, looking up at me now and then as if to say "It's ok, isn't it?" The nurse fell in love on the spot! Even the smelly pooch in the waiting room was a bit enamoured.

I have been worried a while about his gums and teeth, so asked the vet to take a special look and the upshot is he has something along the lines of tooth resorption which needs to have attention. The vet gave him an antibiotic and steroid jab and he is booked in to have it dealt with next Tuesday. However, because of the steroids he has been stuffing his little face and then yakking it all up again, so being the calm and rational person I am, I rushed him back to the vet! Trouble is, we've had a bit of rain here and there was a flooded road outside the vets! As it was already dark, I couldn't see how deep it was, so got out the car to have a look. Standing there also looking into the pool was a young woman carrying a large puppy. She too was trying to get to the vets. 

While we were discussing the pros and cons of wading through, another car came up behind filled with one woman, a surly young man and a manic terrier called Monty, also going to the vets - though was not sure whether it was the surly young man or Monty the manic terrier that was needing the vet's attention. I had my suspicions, but kept them to myself! We all had a detailed and interesting discussion in Welsh and English about what best to do! The young woman decided to ring the vet and ask about the flood. They said "Oh it's not as deep as it looks. You can drive through, slowly"! So we did ….. just! The young woman and large puppy cadged a lift in the back of my car. By this time Austin had moved on to Wagner and the large puppy joined in! It was SO exciting! By the time we got there it was quite a party and large puppy, manic terrier and Austin joined together in unison to entertain us with a selection from Gilbert and Sullivan!

Well, as this post is getting very boring now, I'll cut to the chase and say that the vet confirmed he was fine, just being piggy, to give him only dry food and he'll see him next Tuesday for the procedure!

The party then broke up and I floated my car back through the flood and came home. Austin thinks I am the cruelest most nasty person on the earth as he is no longer (for the time being) having any wet stinky goodness. I'm a bit worried about his state of mind!

BTW we have been linked back
 from Spitty and Trout Talkin Tabbies, so two more stars for our Blog of the Year badge!! As I didn't know you could do it under the rules, I would like to link back to Nellie at The Cat from Hell who nominated us first, so she can add another star to her tally :) 

Also please can you send all kind thoughts, purrs and hugs to Nellie's woofie sister Bob, who is not doing too good at the moment :( xx

unison, uni-son - only male offspring


  1. You tell the absolute best stories. I am rolling before I finish the first paragraph....sentence. good! Stop throwing up and eat slowly for your mom!!!

  2. OH dear Austin
    We are all so glad you are OK and that you didn't suffer in the flood at the Vet's.

  3. well I for one thought none of that story was boring! :) Sorry Austin about the food restrictions. Purrs and paws crossed for an uneventful time next Tuesday.

  4. Whoa! Yo Austin, you up for the Barbara of Seville? I think I know that one. Sending healing purrz. BTW I loved the story. I guess I'm a uni-cat. heh heh

  5. That vet trip sounds like it was quite the adventure! Austin, I am impressed that you can sing through it all - I'm usually too scared to!

  6. MOL, good Lord, our Person is still laughing out loud at the opera. Sorry Austin that you are having toof problems. I hope all those shots will help those gums. A lot of us have been through that.
    Thanks so much for telling us about Bob at Nellies. She is one of our favorites. We are on our way there.

  7. Oh, my poor sweet Austin - Sassy here. I am so sorry to hear about your teethie problem. My paws will be crossed for you on Tuesday.

  8. Sorry to hear about the tooth problem Austin - and the dry food. Hopefully you will be to the wet stuff again soon.

    I love the the definition - that would make my daughter both a unidaughter and a unichild, since she is my only.

  9. I sure hope you will be okay Austin, we all worry about you pal.

  10. We saw nothing boring at all in this post. Sweet Austin you are gonna be fine so get in a better state of mind and leave the scissors where they are. We are sending up prayers for you sweet boy. Hang in there and we bet the stinky goodness comes back around soon. Hugs and nose kisses

  11. Things very rarely go smoothly, do they?!

    Sorry Austin that you have to go without your stinky goodness for a while. Think how good it will taste when you next get some!

    I'm sure you will be feeling just fine after all the teefs are put in good order.

  12. Goodness! Opera at the vet's? What a treat. purrr...meow!

  13. Aww poor Austin! We don't likes the vet either.
    Concats on your award, and we are purring heard for Cat From Hell's Bob also.
    Sherlock,Ash and Traveler xx

  14. Hey buddy - so happy to hear you are okay, although your mom still seems a little concerned.

  15. Oh Austin! What an adventure you had at the v-e-t. But we're sorry you hafta have your teefs taken care of. We hope it goes well.

  16. Now that's the kind of a-citing v-e-t story a BoyCat can tell for years to come.

    She's starving you Pal, take a good look at those scissors. I'm sure you can think of some use for them.

  17. not a boring post at all! Glad you're okay, buddy

  18. That's quite an adventure, Austin!
    Psssst! Are you thinking what we're thinking? *looks at scissors*

  19. The singing in the car is amazing. Oscar does the same there and back to vets it can be interesting the tones he produces in a short journey :-). Glad Austin is ok overall x

  20. We saw on the news, all the flooding you have..Just keep safe :) Poor Austin, no stinky wet for a while..MOL xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  21. Oh Austin! Most of us here prefer renditions of Wagner. On BOTH the going & return trips. LOL

    You can REALLY wail the emo with "KILL DA WABBIT"! (Yes, I like Bugs Bunny cartoons - does that surprise you?)


    PS - Glad you checked out all OK!! XOXO

  22. You, Austin, have joined the ranks of Admiral's Finest Hits! She also sang fine opera..and arias that brought tears to the eyes from the moment she was mean picked up, till she got home again. PTU's and she were not on friendly terms. Not a bit.

  23. what an adventure you had! Unreal! You did make it awfully funny! Wishing Austin the best of luck next week

  24. I had no idea Austin was so musically inclined! Maybe he can record an album and you will be rich?

    And I hope he is not too mad about no canned food. Just remind him that he will get plenty after his teeth are sorted out :)

  25. dood...N think oh de fun noah had on de ark :) hay, we iz KNOT tryin ta freek yur mum out any more but PLEEZ tell her ta ask for a heart chek BEE FORE de vet doez any kinda surgery on ewe....if ya knead dental werks done....trooly.....

  26. Ah! Me loves to eats and yaks, It keeps my pawrents on their toes! Nicely done Austin. Sorry about your teeths. And having to goes back to the V-E-T and THANKS YOUS for my 2nd star and
    Bob. Thanks for posting about her. We is worried here. She is not worse, but she is not better either.
    We is purraying for yous too!

  27. Wow, what an adventure! We are glad Austin is okay :-)

    Oink oink,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  28. Hey Austin!
    We are thankful beyond words you are okay and please keep us updated on your health.
    Love and hugs,
    Sherlock,Ash and Traveler

  29. Uni son? I thought it was this terrier flooded Wagner unison? Anyway I am truly impressed that you have Wagner in your repertoire as well. 8h of Wagnerish "Song of Nibelungen" and I swear I dislike Wagner, King Ludwig the Second from Bavaria who was his mentor and encouraging him to right this dam' 8h piece.
    BTW, when my beloved Oscar and I moved to Spain in 2004 he managed the 8h of Wagnerism in the car, at the airport, during check in, on board, collecting luggage and on the 1h drive to our home in Spain. By then my nerves had checked out.

  30. Austin, the more I think about it the more I wish I had heard you singing. Mom knows these pieces well she told me. She has not heard such grand opera since November 2011.

    Fanks you for being proud of my donkey bashing last night. I don't think any kitty could bash 'n' bite was well or certainly no better than I.

  31. Hey Austin, Jet here.

    Dude, we needed a good laugh today... reading about your operatic aspirations (VBP) cracked us up... then with the addition of the pup... too funny... we can write this because you are ok and will be cared for regarding your teeth.

    Living in the tropics, we get the whole car floating thing too... again laughing with you, not at you.

    Concats on your stars, whoo hoo!

  32. Hi Austin !
    Glad you and your mom person didn´t drown on the way to the vet , the woffie I don´t care about *mol*
    Good Luck with your teeths next tuesday , you know it´s furry good to have healthy teeths so you can bite your servant real good once in a while *mol*
    ConCATulations to your stars !

  33. What--no playlist on the way home?

    The Gilbert and Sullivan must have been a hoot!

    Enjoyed your vet adventure. Good luck on your procedure next week, Austin!

    Tom, Mom Julie & the kitties

  34. Austin - we are so sorry in the delay in response. The human is hopelessly drowning in "stuff that has to get done but never does" and is sorry she did not send good wishes your way sooner!!

    As usual, you probably did not enjoy the story as much as we did, but my goodness, your human sure did make that out to be quite the fun adventure!!

    We loved the defination and wish you well for next week!

  35. What an adventure! Even if it was to the V-E-T. Good luck next week, Austin! It'll be worth it in the end. Congrats on more stars! Purrs...

  36. I see piggy Austin hasn't lost his love of the dictionary :)

    All good thoughts headed Austin's way for Tuesday. And for all other people-critters, too :)

  37. This post was anything but boring! I laughed so much imagining the concert you had going on in the back seat LOL!

    I'm sorry Austin has to have this procedure but glad he is okay otherwise. We'll be thinking of him here and keeping our fingers and paws crossed that everything goes okay next week!

  38. Oh Austin... at least you know you'll be back on the stinky goodness in short order. Me? well the Vet has said that I'm FAT. And that I MUST lose 1-1.5 pounds.

    I'VE got an idea. How about we lose that 3 pounds of kitten in the other room!

    ; ) Katie

    Congrats on the starz!!!

  39. Hiya buddy! Sorry I've been missing for a day or so. My Human decided that other things take priority over ME. Can you even IMAGINE??

  40. We commiserate with you dear Austin and have a vet tale of our own.

  41. Sorry for the late visit. Hope all goes well for the proceedure on Tuesday.
    I had to have my BIG GIRL OP and am supposed to be recovering...but I'm bored of resting now:-)

  42. I would really have loved to hear Austin's rendition of Puccini (Wagner, I can do without!)
    Trixie sends her love - I haven't yet taught her to blog on her own ;-)



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