Saturday, 19 May 2012

A Play - by The Barred of Avon!

Director’s note: This play is enacted every time Tigger the Tabby visits the house and manages to get through the door from the conservatory to the kitchen!

"Where’s Tigger?"
A Play

ACT 1 Scene 1 - The Kitchen

Act 1 Scene 2 : The Bedroom

Director's squeeee moment!

Back to Act 1 Scene 2
Austin regroups and the cast exeunt with thunderous enthusiasm as eight paws and two elderly feet race up the stairs.. (well the elderly feet moved more sedately - the foundations of the house having already been stressed beyond safety guidelines!)
Act 2 Scene 1- The Conclusion in The Conservatory 
the two elderly feet finally catch up with the eight paws: 

Ra Ra Ra Bravo standing ovation
Curtain comes down

The End


  1. This is a lot of excitement but all's well that ends well.

  2. HAHAHA!!! We loved it! I wonder if Austin has figured out he's merely a supporting cat role. From here it sure looks like Tigger is in charge and the star of the production. At any rate, it's clear the Tigger has played this one out before! the ( ... ) !!!

    Now I'm hungry for popcorn.

  3. We had no idea that Tigger was SUCH a singer! Maybe they'll stage a comic opera next? How about "A Dish of Midsummer's Night Cream"?

  4. Wow, this guy is makes Austin look stoopid -.-. Sorry Carolyn, I just LOL-ed too much with this tiny play you made.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  5. That was one terrific play. Especially the two old feet trying to keep up with those 8 paws. Looks to us like Tigger has moved in. He sure looks comfy in there. Have a super Sunday.

  6. Love the "squeee" moment! There is something about kitty paws that is a show-stopper. I guess this is a brief, feline-version of "All's Well That Ends Well?" Can't imagine it ending any better than with a nap.

  7. Bravo! Simply superb! The cast that you got to play Austin and Tigger was simply amazing!!

  8. To the entertainment staff,,,Austin, Tigger, and Carolyn,,,,I must tell you that I am on my back paws, standing to give all of you a thunderous ovation. Actually, my two front paws do not make a lot of noise when I clap them together,,,,but in my mind,,,,you;re receiving a thunderous standing ovation. AUTHOR ! AUTHOR !

  9. Pawsome play...kinda made me tired though with all of that action. Thank goodness for the nap at the end, MOL.

  10. Alas poor Austin..... he lost his bed!

  11. That's hilarijuice! Love it, hahahaha! x

  12. OH! I love the play and I love the comments! What great plays on words the commenters made (now that I mention "play").

    Austin is the consummate host what with giving up his bed (or at least tolerating it having been taken over by Tigger) as well as an award winning actor in this play of thrills, chills, thundering activity and mystery. I am awe-struck! (or "stricken" as the case may be).

    (pee ess: No, that wasn't over spill of my lush body. That was me dripping through the opening on one side of the crow's nest. That opening allows me to snake through down to the next level OR show my fabulous tail and feets to an admiring audience).

  13. Oh, I love this!! Love Tigger singing LOL LOL. And I agree with the director's squee moment, too cute for words.

    You are a very talented playwright and of course Austin and Tigger and stars of the stage LOL. :)

  14. Bravo Bravo!!!
    That was an excellent play!!


  15. Bugs has asked Bean to tell you that he prefers tragedies. He feels Tigger's occupation of Austin's bed should have warranted at least one resultant corpse. He says:

    RE-WRITE! RE-WRITE! Honestly. Where are those script guys when you need them.

  16. Austin, your mother called OUR underwear, which is of the finest watered silk, RUST COLORED!? WHERE is that woman's EYES!? WHERE did she learn to discern the finer things? RUST! R*U*S*T!? I shant have it.

  17. Brava, brava! Well played.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  18. Austin has mastered the skills of being a great host. (and has learned to entertained the guest into exhaustion). Silent night to all! Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

  19. Bravisimo! Yes, we most certainly did enjoy theese one! (especially the Director's squee moment says the Human)

  20. Maxwell: DOOD! Seriously - you gotted your HEAD stuck? Not that i'm laffing at you. Really. I have more respect than that.

    FaRADaY: BWAA-HA-HAA! I has nooo respect! I thought it was hilarious! Especially Tigger's dum-de-dummy comment *snicker*


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