Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Present

It all started so well. I went to the pet shop, bought the item and took it home so junior nephew could (very kindly) put it together:


Very nice :)

Trouble is, we then had to introduce Austin to his new scratchpost-lounger-bobbledangle thingy. What a palaver! He ….. 

….. first had to read the instructions ….

…..check the construction did not contravene EU regulations ….

…. run some scratch tests ….

…. tidy up residual detritus ….

 ….. before he's ready…..

…. to move in to the box it came in … !!!!!!

…. much more salubrious ...

However ….

.. later on that day, Austin had a change of heart

… and while he was checking the bobbledangle ..

…and while his back is turned...

OK, so back to plan A :)

That, dear friends, is the story of “The Present"


  1. lol.. I see your nephew is really 'into it' :)

    And yes, like all young souls, the box is WAY better then what ever was inside.. Don't worry, he won't let the squatter get away with it for long..

  2. Austin, atta boy! Our advice is to only sit in your new present when nobody can see you. That will drive your peeps insane. ha. Any cat hairs left will be purely random!

  3. I think you behaved very well today too , Austin !
    Boxes are THE best thing in the whole wide world :)

  4. lol!! Just like a little kid!

    Tip: put catnip on the new tower! It will work like a charm! :)

  5. Haha! Austin, the thing to do is to play with your new present when the humans aren't looking...and totally ignore it when they are!!

  6. Just like at our house! Right now our favorite toy is the box that a new step on trash can for the kitchen came in!

  7. Kitty condos are great but... boxes are the best!

  8. Austin...Austin....I love you. Very kitty-like behaviour. purrr....meow!

  9. I can relate too! These cats around here are all about getting into boxes. Which is OK with me, as long as they stay outta my cookies!

  10. HAHAHA!!!!
    Nicely done, Austin!!!
    Enjoy your new Everest only in the dark of night. Keeping the humans confused and frustrated is tantamount to your success.

    The box? Well that was the perfect touch and perfectly played.

    ; ) Katie

  11. That's showing your oomans Austin. Don't let on for a minute that you really like it. Drives them nuts after spending all that money only to have you not be interested in it.

  12. Well, it’s good to know Austin is following all the kitty behaviour guidelines!! Would hate to think he was abnormal lol

    Caren, thanks for the tip :) Though for him it might have to be fabric conditioner lol

  13. MOL!! Yep, boxes are always more fascinating than whatever present was inside them. That is a nice looking tower, though. Maybe with the catnip Austin will warm up to it. Mine mostly ignore theirs except for every so often they get the urge to scratch it or sleep on it.

  14. Ahahahh! I´m laughing! You´re so funny!!!
    Great scratcher!

  15. Oh that is hysterical. What a terrific story. We gave to tell you that the box is always better than anything that came in the box. And then an introoger was on the darn cat tree. What is with that?? Anyway, Mom needed a good laugh.

  16. Austin
    Have you played with "it" yet?


  17. After all that, it's the plain box is it? Austin, Odin suggests your mum rub some catnip over it.

  18. But all the mysteries reside in the box! Still It's such a wonderful gift - on so many levels! Cats just can't be rushed - or told what they like...and once Austin is sure you understand, he'll adore that lovely perch and play unit! Phil the Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge.

  19. MOL. Mama is laughing so hard she almost peed in her pants. She thought that reading the instructions first to make sure that the construction was right was totally funny.

    Emma and Buster

  20. Cats will be cats !!!! This is all so typical!!!! Cute too!!!
    Yes Zoie and I are doing really well!!

  21. Oh my gosh! You never cease to make me laugh. Nice one. I love Junior Nephew's first attempt to construction. Putting it on his head probably helped him figure out what to do with it.

    And Austin... it's just sooo like him to do a full inspection before finally enjoying something from you.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  22. Mommy is really loving this becaause she imagines the same scene here when I get my cat tree. xoxoxox

  23. Hahaha ! I had the same story here ! Except Rosie she uses the tower and Arthur occasionally too, but the others, they also would rather prefer the carton !

  24. Your nephew did a great job. We all know how hard it is to put some of that stuff together. make me laugh everytime I visit you. Thank you for making me smile today. I needed it.

    Hope you have fun with your box. I know my kitties would rather play in a box than do anything else.

    Thank you so much for the prayers!

  25. Isn't that how it always goes. The kids love playing with the box the present came in! And, of course, since humans never read instructions, it's imperative for a wise cat to make sure construction is done right!

  26. Austin is such a clown. And any box is better then a simple scratchpost!

  27. From start to finish, an absolutely priceless post!! So well thought out and I love the ending!!

  28. Heehee! Such a nice tower and he gets in the box! BOL!


  29. Good job Austin. What I want to know is how I've missed your blog updates. I swear you're in my blog roll.

    How about you and I do a Real Housecats spinoff show? Does your human know anything about movie production? Mine doesn't.

  30. That is hilarious! Cats crack me up.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  31. That's the way it goes over here every time too.... MOL...

    pawhugs, Max

  32. Zoie is watching for SQUIRRELS &
    Happy is watching food being fixed.
    I think one reason Happy has made 20 years old is she loves food and she poops real good everyday!! lol

  33. AYSTIN! Mommy is getting me a cat tree. My human brother already got it and it will be delivered Sunday! I can hardly WAIT! Come on over (and fanks you for the complimebt) hee hee

  34. LOVE your new cat tree... and the box it came in! Hope you enjoy both very much!

  35. Mowzers, you mean the BOX was not the GIFT????

  36. Well that is one great pressie, but YOUR reaction is priceless! You'z awesome buddy!


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