Wednesday, 9 March 2011

If you want cute ........

I've been trying everso hard to get a really good picture of Austin when he's outside, but getting this cat to pose is well nigh impossible, especially as he is one who likes to swing on the dangly bit off the end of the camera!
His attention span is enough to give gnats a fighting chance and I had to put the kybosh on his tendency to attack innocent blades of grass.  

"Austin, look at the birdy ...... NOOOOOO ... not THAT one!  Over here."

So maybe we should go inside. Less distraction?

"Ok mate, Let's talk about demeanour? Can we forego the usual smug 'n supercilious for the more appealing cute 'n cuddly that every other cat blogger manages without even trying?

So you're feeling a little dyspeptic!  You should've had less gravy with your rat d'eau frais avec pond weed!

Ok Austin here's the deal.  You sit and smile sweetly for the camera and I'll be your body slave for the next five minutes!

Right! That's it, I'm going elsewhere for my cute 'n cuddly !!!!"

Thanks Mr Google :>)

Austin, as always, has the final word:

"If you want cute, get stuffed."    That's my boy!


  1. Haha! I always thought of cats as being rather vain creatures, I'd have thought he'd work the camera like a pro!

  2. Haha!

    He's elusive and exclusive,
    Positively translucent,
    Of royal decent, and evil intent.
    World domination is his direction,
    His world without injections,
    Or pills for infections....

  3. LOL Sarah, he's a piece of work!

    David! you ... you ... TS Eliot you! I am chuffed to bits you've done me one of your brill pomes :D And of course you are so right!

  4. :) Austin, your Mom went to Google to get cute and cuddly when she has the live action hero in her own home!!!

  5. ohhhhh noooooooo we DON'T get "cute" photos without even trying! We go through the same trials as you my friend! lol. That's cats for ya!

  6. I bet he does cute and cuddly when the camera's in storage!'re an enigma. purrr....meow!

  7. Ann it's true! He is an action hero. I guess we can't expect cute 'n cuddly action hero.

    Caren. That makes me feel a lot better lol

    Cat-in-Sydney. You bet!

    Fin. Don't encourage him lol


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