Wednesday 23 March 2011

Just been into blogger dashboard.......

..... it's not something I do very often because it frightens me!!  I wanted to add my lovely award to the sidebar (I think it's called) and I was astounded to find all these gadgets and wotnots one can add to their blog!!!!  

So I backed out very quickly and decided to show you Austin trying very hard to "do cute" instead:

What do you think? Hmmmmm!  Not convinced myself.

Also, as it's such a rarity these days, here is a picture of Austin and Tigger actually in the same shot.

Bless.  What is occurring here is an exhibition of synchronised waiting.  You see there are two chairs behind the camera being occupied by a couple of human b'tomes, when they should be being occupied by a couple of furry feline fundaments!  It's a tough old life!

NB I'm still working on the "seven things" list.  As I know the world will stop spinning on its axis if I don't divulge, here's one to be going on with:

1)  I am not left-handed.


  1. Hahahahaha!!! Yeah what about OUR age? :PPPP

  2. Fear the gadgets!

    2) I'm right-handed


  3. DAVID!!!! Don't give all my secrets away!! :P

  4. If I can post gadgets on Blogger you can!! Don't be scared!

  5. Award or no award, gadget or no gadget, Austin doing cute compensates for everything. purrr....meow!

  6. Cats have hands????


  7. Thanks Caren, I will try and be brave!

    Cat-in-Sydney it sure does :)

    Linda, now you know :P

  8. So, cats DO have hands. Well, that's enough to make me paws and consider. Do they have opposing thumbs too? If so, do they drink tea from a tea cup? So many new things to think about now that I KNOW cats have hands.


    Speechless in Spring

  9. Speechless, you have so much to exercise your brain cell! And now I reckon there's a little dachshund nearby who's feeling a tad under endowed!!! ;>) x

  10. Congratulations on your award from Paper Bag & String.

    It's not hard to add a photo to the blogger sidebar. Once you dive in, it will become second nature. :)

  11. Caro, you are much too revealing! I can't believe you admitted that.;)

    Oh dear, I see Austin and Tigger were not quick enough to get into their chairs. They was robbed.

  12. Oh Carolyn, you make me laugh. Everytime I read your posts I'm reminded that you should write a book!!!!!

  13. I think Austin is on his way to becoming as famous as Nora the Piano Cat and Cooper the Photographer Cat!

  14. Ann I'll admit I was nervous about revealing such intimate things! No they weren't robbed lol. They got their way in the end, like they always do!:P

    Jan Thanks :) Books are a lot of work. We'll see!

    Nicky thanks for popping by. I hope not!! Austin will be impossible! I love Nora!!


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