Sunday, 6 February 2011

Immortalised ...... "I just like to thank my agent ......"

WOW! Austin's fame is now such that he's reached iconic status!  

Good blogging friend and Tux lover extraordinaire Sarah L-B has created this portrait of His Lordship:

Isn't it brilliant!!!!

It's just too good.  Now, of course, we have a problem ... or rather I do.  Austin's gone all luvvie on me.  He's now demanding an agent, a yacht and his own condo in Malibu!  He's already packed up and moved out of his compact and bijou residence in the conservatory. And he got quite sniffy about his supper of tuna marinade.  In fact I swear he tossed his head. Good grief!

Thanks Sarah ;>) You can also catch some of her work here  ... oh and Austin can also be found again here the poseur!

*goes off to take a call from "Hello" magazine, who are talking big bucks for something they call "a shoot". Hmmmm! 8~l*


  1. Fantastic!

    I'm pleased because it's an amazing piece of art, pleased because it's Austin, pleased because it's your blog which brought it about. Pleased because it's your amazing talents which make people happy and want to read more, and finally, proud because you're my Aunty, and I held Austin's paw when he was nervous coming into his kingdom... as it were :-)

    Great stuff Sarah! Mega impressed.

    (Make a print Aunty :D)


  2. @ David awwww thanks. I remember that day. He was so sweet and you were brill with him. he didn't even bite you, he just upchucked in the corner of the bedroom! x

    Will make a print :>)

  3. You have such a fun style of writing, I think these blogs would be a great book for any cat owners (or indeed aspiring owners such as myself).

    Still, I do hope Austin get's over himself, nothing worse than someone being too big for their boots, haha!

  4. Her work is amazing and you do have a fun style of writing. Guess I've told you that before!!!

  5. P.S. I would love to meet Sarah L-B!!!

  6. @Jan Mader Awww I'm touched!

  7. Hi there! My first time here. You look super cool and pawesome, Austin. Don't give your mum a hard time just because you're famous, OK? Alright, from one celebrity to another: "Get your people to call my people. Then we'll talk business, mate." purrrr.....meow!

    Pawesomeness personified,
    Angelina Jolie

  8. Thanks everyone.
    @Sarah Austin is not about to get over himself, sadly.
    @ Jan I think you have :)) But encouragement is good for the ego lol. Yep SLB is very talented :)
    @ Fin Sarah definitely should have an agent :)
    @ AJ Thanks for stopping by. My people are dialing........

  9. My daughter needs to keep her paws out of this
    Her agent Claws is obviously in need of new clients and this Austin is Hotter than a six peckered alley cat
    Angie dearest you do not have To bell a cat

    The cat's out of the bag when you discover my true identity! (Sweeten the kitty to find out)
    Looking like a cat that swallowed a canary :)

  10. bludiel..some famous names here :O
    wd on fab picture sarah!

  11. I think Austin's in love with Angelina♥ despite the fact that her dad "dogs" her every move ;>)

  12. Austin: You look fab! You need a yacht to hang that portrait. Sarah did beautiful work!


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