Friday, 28 January 2011


Austin likes to hold most of his staff briefings either early in the morning or late at night.  If I'm honest, those times are not really convenient for me. I'm either half asleep or half asleep depending on which end of the day it is, so taking down long lists of instructions and listening to endless whinging about low productivity and lack of employee engagement doesn't rock my boat. 

Talking of engagement, I've noticed (and as a cat he is not unique in this) that in the middle of the day, when I'm at my most lively and engaged (ha), he generally doesn't wish to reciprocate. It's like I don't exist.

This is his middle of the day pose
Thinking about his gross domestic product? That would be me, then!
(Ok, this is here because I love the back of his head and watching him "looking" around with his ears. They're like satelite dishes moving around picking up microwave signals :)


bit of executive stress I think, or maybe considering his budgie deficit!

On the other hand this is Austin at his early morning briefing giving one of his lackeys a tongue lashing because of their "inappropriate workplace attire"!
He's definitely engaged now!

Full engagement!
Deep fur massage carried out by lowly flunkey in the time honoured fashion ensures continued amicable management/employee relations. In other words, a little bit of shameless toadying can't do any harm.


  1. Ah, the stresses of being a cat. Little do they know how lucky they are. Still, I'd sooner be bossed around by a cat than a person, haha!

  2. adorable! Isn't it funny that they are nearly always disengaged when we are fully awake? lol

  3. Too right, Sarah!

    Caren, contrary cats, don't we love 'em :)

  4. I laugh every single time I read your are such a good writer! Your Austin makes your work easy, doesn't he?!

  5. Thanks Jan :) He certainly is a muse .... and I am amused lol

  6. Why can't they seem to cooperate with us? Ever?? I want them to snuggle and play on MY schedule!! Alas, they are cute...and forgiven :)

  7. .... and don't they know it, Angie! lol

  8. You are so right, sis. A purrrrfect interpretation of events

    Burv. x


  9. ... and as you know, "interpretation" is so much more ..... lol

  10. Carolyn: Austin is quite the intellectual! And yes it must be so stressful to consider the budgie deficit. It made our president's hair gray. Perhaps Austin needs one of those squeaky stress balls that some CEOs play with like cats!

    But I agree, kissing up is good policy for you underlings! ;)

  11. @ Ann. You made me lol ! :>) Yep I know my place!

  12. You're so funny. Okay I caved and I've added you to my reading list! My staff may be too lazy to leave a comment but We will be laughing with you daily!

  13. Constant meowing in the ear never fails! Thanks Fin :D

    I think that although laughing is good for the soul, Austin might put his foot down at the "daily" bit. He takes himself furry seriously ;>

  14. LOVED the photos :-)

    That action shot of him licking his chops certainly didn't look like he had a budgie deficit ;-)


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