Saturday 18 December 2010

Snow time :>)

I live in the place where it never snows.... until now that is. 

This, as far as I know, is Austin's first experience of the white powdery stuff.  Being a little bit worried that he might be caught in an avalanche of snow falling off the roof, he's had to cross his legs and wait until I found my wellies in the back of the garage so I could accompany him out into our own virtual 3D Christmas card.

Having discovered and de-spidered the ancient green wellies, today was the day when we decided to venture forth. He was absolutely adamant that I should go first - being much more brave and having slightly longer legs! This is the result:

Up until today this was all he would do, safe, warm and ever so slightly superior!

"What's all this then?"

Bit cold for cotton wool?

If you can do it......

 "Where's my legs?  I've been robbed! (up to his .. errr .. armpits)

Ok, that's enough. Bye!

What's that spectre in the bottom right corner? lol

Funnily enough he's so overcome by his bravery he's been tearing round the house ever since like one of those over-excited footballers when they score a goal.  Difficult to get a photo of that, but did manage to catch him when he stopped to say hello to an old friend :)

Oh, and I'm still not sure whether he managed to relieve himself. However, he spent a good couple of minutes underneath the car. 

Have to go, as he wants outside again and I have to be there to hold his paw. Such a wuss-puss!


  1. Lol
    guess his bladders elasticated - BIG time!

  2. Hehehe!! never snows eh??
    Green wellies... very yuppie... my new ones from the UK are leopard-skin print lol!
    Love seeing Austin up to his errr!!

  3. lol he's got a bladder like a gladstone bag!

    Blimey Chu! I bet all the animals think they're in the jungle :P

  4. So good to have you back! Its been a while, I missed your posts! This blog reminds me of "Simon's Cat", the Snow Business episode

    Although I'm sure Austin could totally OWN the robin, haha!

  5. Hi Sarah, thanks. I've been otherwise engaged! I love Simon's Cat and had never seen that one before! Sadly, I think Austin would have owned that robin; he's owned quite a few lately :( He seems to have got his snow legs now though. Can't keep him in!

  6. I think he is one smart cat!!!! I don't like being out in the snow sometimes either and I certainly wouldn't want to be out there with the snow up to my SHOULDERS like poor Austin!!

  7. Hi Caren, he's quite "sang froid" about it now lol, but actually he hasn't been out today yet. He keeps looking pointedly at my green wellies! Perhaps I should get him some lol

  8. GOOORRRGGGEEEE photos!!!

    Loving the up to his armpits point!

  9. I think the snow's now up to his chin!!! Can't believe it. We NEVER get snow ;)


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