Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Little Orphan Kitty!

This beautiful kitten was found abandoned by a river by a softhearted friend of mine who already has umpteen cats and a few dogs too.  She has taken her in, but now the kitten needs a name.  Any ideas? 

I understand that though she fought tooth and nail when first picked up, since being inside the house, she's become my friend's number one fan.  She follows her everywhere.  Awwwww :>)


  1. Awwww! Pechod bach!

    It looks like a Wilfred (Wilf) but she's a girl....

    How about "Twpsyn"! Either that or "Nima"?


  2. She is adorable!
    And obviously being a crazed Cats fan I just have to suggest the name Rumpleteazer ;)

  3. Brilliant names :>)

    David lol guess what you've been doing all week!! :P

    Sarah I would never have said you were crazed, not even slightly cracked ;) but very talented!

    Anonymous yep :>

  4. I guess if a whole rib tattoo of Cats doesn't class me as "crazed" then I'm fresh out of ideas, haha!

  5. I was just thinking about the famous song Smellycat.

    You know the one. It goes
    Smellycat Smellycat,.....

    I think it is a germ of indearment.

    O I forgot the words.

  6. LOL @ Simon! You goon :-)

    Be' Aunty? Dw i ddim yn cofio be'nesi neud bob dydd pen wythnos...... ;-)

  7. Sorry, I ment to put the werds O I forgot the words befoer I think it is a germ of indearment.

    And I spelled lots of weirds rong due to its past my medication time

    LOL xxxx

  8. Good grief! I turn my back for a minute!! I think, oh esteemed bro, that you mean the song from Friends sung by Phoebe!!
    Epic :>)
    Not sure that this sweet kitty deserves such a name though lol.
    @David Gwn eich bod yn gwneud :P
    @Sarah ok you win lol

  9. How about the name "Shalom". Or Clancy after my stuffed dog animal I names when I was 7 years old and carried around for years. Shalom!

  10. Spoilt for choice here :>) great originality!

    Thanks guys xx

  11. U r rite sis. Smellycat is not appropriate for this cute liddle fluff ball of luv and affection, although, yes, you got the Phoebe Friends connection.

    What about the famous name "Cuteliddlefluffballofluvandaffection"?

    Immagine shouting that out over the neighbourhood last thing at night LOL.

    (sorry if my humour is post intuative)

  12. rotflol (and I mean that most sincerely!) I think your humour is more post-medication :P But thanks I'm sure "Cuteliddlefluffballofluvandaffection" will be considered as seriously as all the rest xx

    *sighs and goes to lie down* ;}

  13. That's a great name, Caren! It would definitely suit her.

  14. Hi "anonymous" here who was adopted by Little Orphan Kitty ^..^ ... thanks for all the suggestions guys, but guess what??
    I think she's going to be called... Kitty! (She'll be clan sister to Lola, Charlie, Bubble, Squeak, Woody & Noname!)Unless she says or does something to make me change my mind. I'll let you know...

  15. Hi "anonymous". So the name was in the blog title by mistake lolol.

    Thanks everyone for contributing :>) x

  16. Glad she got a name at last.

    I love naming. There is something Edenesque about it.

    OK, who or what is next?


  17. Now there's a concept to add to your thought list.



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