Tuesday, 28 December 2010

A fly in the ointment

A fly wandered in and was buzzing about
Nothing I did would make it go out.
I flipped and I flapped and swiped at the air
And found to my horror it was stuck in my hair!

Then along came Austin and jumped up on my lap
He did some shiatsu and nudged down for a nap.
We snored quite contentedly and the time passed away
But the darned fly returned, so we arose for the fray.

It was high up on the curtain so I lifted my hand
Cat was poised down below waiting for something to land.
I struck with such force and the fly was dislodged
But I then fell on Austin who was attempting to dodge.

We thus disentangled ourselves from the floor,
But Austin was smiling as he lifted his paw.
There was the fly looking startled and dead,
So we high-fived and chuckled and went back to bed.

Here is Simon's Cat doing it much more amusingly!


  1. As the prophet did say: There has been, and forever will be, "Epic Win" when fingers hit keys in this dojo.

    Love it! Pooeytray hextrawdinhairy!

  2. Thanks everyone :>)

    OK I'm thinking that "dojo" is good? :P

  3. Dojo - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dojo


  4. Never thought of this blog as a meditation hall before. Hmmmmm!

  5. I loved it! Austin should meet Ceasar... the lucky long hair who adopted us in Septmeber when he was a very small and soggy kitten. He is a fly catcher extrodonaire! Now if he could just learn the art of napping with you instead of batting your eyes while you attempt....

  6. lol thanks minimom. These little guys are certainly giant characters :>)


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