Saturday 9 October 2010

Oh No!!

I wrote the following on 29th June!  Don't know why I didn't post it?  Maybe it was because it's not finished, or maybe it's because it's just rubbish!  Anyway, I'll post it now just to get it out of draft. 

Austin caught another robin this morning.  This time it was a baby one and it was still alive!  He left it outside my window and jumped up to let me know how clever he was and I let him know how I felt about murder or injury inflicted on those innocents who are just going about their daily business.  We had to be content to disagree and then I had to deal with the aftermath (don't ask :(((! 

Thing was we had a bit of a storm last night!  After seemingly weeks of dry weather, it was a blessing to have the rain, that's for sure.  Normally I would stick my head under the pillow and try to ignore it, but I was aware of the fact that Austin was shut in the conservatory experiencing the full horror of thunder, lightning and torrential rain.  Also my mother appeared to be having a good stomp around upstairs.  So at about 2 a.m. we let him out and made a cuppa.  He went all low slung, like he does, and emitted this spooky mixture of yowl and a growl.  Poor little guy. 

Anyway after about 30 minutes we went back to bed and left him cowering behind a chair.  Big mistake.  It wasn't long before he was ripping up the carpet outside my bedroom door.  Now as I'm not one of those who enjoys being stared at by a cat all night, I wasn't about to allow him on the bed. The reason for this is detailed elsewhere.  So as I wasn't about to go through all that again, I got up and put him back in the conservatory.  Happily the storm had hightailed it off to Prestatyn by this time. 

This morning he was crawling up the door to be let out - legs crossed, the whole bit.  I don't know why he won't use his en suite facilities after all the trouble we took having it installed (well I had to go all the way to Pets R Us on Caernarfon Road for the tray and wood chips!).


  1. Had to laugh at your tales of kitty woe!
    Since I am from the States what is a "conservatory"? I know what it means here but am not sure what it means there.
    By the way...poor birdie!

  2. Hi Caren, a conservatory is a sunroom - a glass enclosure - that's attached to the house. Seems to be very popular here! A good place to put plants (and for sleeping cats lol). Thanks for stopping by :>) x

  3. Having read the other blog you linked in too, I'm guessing that purring in your ear is not as therapeutic as it sounds? Funny, I'd have thought it would be nice to have a cat sleep on the bed. I guess not, eh? Then again, I go to bed at silly hours then play music until the frankly ridiculous hours of the morning, so somehow I think the cat would complain about ME keeping HIM awake, haha!
    And as for the poor robin...well that is one thing I do hate about cats. I know its in their nature and nature is what it is, but I hate how they toy with their pray. I wouldn't even mind if they just killed it, they're animals after all and they have animal instinct. But the way they toy with other, smaller living creatures is something I can't quite stomach.
    What happened to the robin? Was it well enough to fly away??

  4. Hi Sarah, I'm not an expert, but it is instinctive for cats of all shapes and sizes to hunt and kill for food. But I think as far as the domestic cat is concerned, they still have the instinct to do that, but as we feed them so well, they don't need to kill to eat, but they still go through the motions. It's in their psyche. I'm willing to be corrected on that though lol.

  5. Oh and the robin didn't make it, sadly. It was so beautiful :(((


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