Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Cat Stats

I'm not sure if anyone has noticed, but I've had a bit of a hiatus from blogging.  Thing is, apart from life stuff getting in the way, I've been rather diverted by the fact that Blogger have added this dinky new feature called "stats".  It's a wonderful service that allows me to track the traffic to my blog!!!  So now everytime I open blogger, instead of clicking on "new post" I find my click digit wandering over of its own accord to the "stats" tab. It's fascinating, really.  I can see which countries viewers are coming from and which posts they are reading and everything. 

Now although the traffic isn't exactly stacking up to get to me down the information superhighway, there are obviously some stoic and sturdy folk who are fighting their way down the beaten track just to get a glimpse of me and Austin in our quiet little blogosphere backwater. Apparently I'm quite popular in the Ukraine!  There's even "real-time" updating!  Ok, I must try not to get all OCD about checking every minute of every day, as this could lead to a serious case of delusional statopsychosis, a condition which would mean commital to a secure unit.  Wonders if they will have wifi?

Anyway what would happen to Austin?  I suppose he could come too; in a sense he's already committed, poor little guy, being holed up here with two old bats.  To be sure, if it wasn't for the diversion of Tigger the Massive he would be climbing the walls.  What am I saying?  He does climb the walls.

......... sorry just wandered over to stats again.  I can see this is going to be a long and painful process :( 

News of Austin?  Well, sadly he's developed a five-brush-a-day habit; it's getting beyond a joke.  It used to be just once in the evening.  Now every time he sees me he stands on his head, rolls neatly over onto his back, and makes like a giraffe with his neck.

He gets quite peevish if I ignore him to get on with more important things, like filing my nails or watching daytime tv. So I give him his fix and then he falls asleep in my lap - but not before he's carefully administered the requisite number of acupuncture needles in my legs (ouch!). Bless .......

....... Oh, while I've been chatting away here someone from Latvia has dropped by :>)


  1. I try my absolute best to stay away from stats, although I have to admit it is sorely temping! I try to convince myself that my blog is for me and me alone, therefore anyone else reading it can be considered a bonus ;)
    And hey, at least Austin simply falls asleep on your lap when he's done. My guinea pig recently snuggled up on my best friend's lap, got nice and snug...then peed all over her o_O

  2. Lolol Sarah Been there done that. We had nine guinea pigs at one time! Austin did the peeing bit after he was sedated for some blood letting at the vets! Poor little guy he was soooo embarrassed! Thanks for dropping by :)

    *runs off to see if it shows up on stats yet* ;D

  3. Carolyn your Austin is one incredibly handsome Tuxedo Kitty!! Oh myyyy is he adorable! So happy to see him!
    You had me rolling with laughter about the "stats" on Blogger! I am obsessed with them as well! Totally obsessed!
    It is so exciting to read where one's readers are located, such diverse areas, I love it!
    Let me just remind you of one thing...just think of how those stats will go up when you go back to regular posts!! You will be sooo busy checking your stats!
    I am your newest follower and proud to be! I love your blog!
    Are you on Twitter or Facebook? If so, my Twitter name is @catchatcaren and you can find me on Facebook under Caren Osrin Gittleman :)

  4. Lol thanks Caren, glad you like :) and to have you on board :>) I do facebook (sort of!) but not twitter. Will search you out. I will also try and get my act together re blog posts, but need the muse to come upon me more often lol ♥

  5. Oh no! Now I want the stats and there's no question that I suffer from OCD. I'll try my darndestnot to click anything least tonight!

    Love the photos of Austin!!!

  6. It'll be there, Jan, at the end of the line - next to "monetise" on your dashboard. I beg you not to clic......... oops! too late. Guess you'll be gone for a while ... lolol x


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