Friday 22 October 2010

Austin is Vetted!

I took Austin to the vets yesterday. It was not an experience that either of us are really able to talk about yet.  Good grief! It was only for his annual booster shot. 

I tried to explain.  I even made favourable comparisons with the NHS, saying that at least you could get an appointment when you wanted and weren't likely to come away with the wrong organ removed or MRSA.  The staff even smile and look happy, for crying out loud.

The scene I had in mind was this:

But the actual scene was this:

Austin is now taking steps to ensure he never has to go again:

As for me?


  1. Awww poor Austin! I always feel guilty when I take my guinea pig, even though I know he needs it. He goes all "emo" on me, hides in his little hidey-hole and won't speak to me, haha!

  2. Hilarious!!!!! OMC I am STILL LAUGHING! Poor Austin!! Poor YOU!!

  3. Poor Austin but what a funny post. Taking Miss Cindi Lou to the vet's office is always a highly traumatic experience for both of us. Even the car ride to and from is filled with her telling me what a horrible human I am for subjecting her to such indignities.

  4. I know, Sarah. I'm still dealing with guilt fallout.

    Caren, from one mad catlady to another, I know you've been there lol.

    Hi SQ :> So true. Austin whinges all the way there and all the way back. In fact you can hear Austin's arrival from the car park! I feel a total heel.

  5. Hahaha!

    Austin is such a trouble maker. I can't work it out: Is he in his late teens now, and feeling he should take himself to the vets when he feels like it, or is he just an old grumpy face?

    Lossa love :-)


  6. I think a bit of both, David! Let's see, he must be about your age. Does your mum let you go to the vets on your own yet? :P x♥x


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