Sunday, 28 March 2010


We found this bee several days ago on the primula. I have to say it was looking a bit weary and bedraggled. As it is just outside the conservatory window, we kept an eye on it to see how it fared. The following day it had fallen out and was lying in the earth. That was it, we thought.  It was old and sick; its time had come! 

This morning the sun was shining and birds were singing and Bertie the Bee had somehow mustered up all his strength to climb back on the flower.  He can teach us a great deal about life, I reckon!


  1. I do believe that bee has just made my day. The moral of the story is that we're not done until we stop buzzing entirely!

  2. Wooo! Go humble bumble!

    Thanks for that, Aunty :-)


  3. Yep! Keep buzzing :>)

    Bee update. He's gone! I scoured the border and he's definitely flown. I hope he's happy wherever he is .....

  4. Beehaving himself perhaps? Though most likely cavorting with Beelzebub though.

    -Dave <---- Awesome guy

  5. When I found a rather worn out bee in the garden I put a small drop of honey nearby on a leaf for it. It took interest and soon after a rather indulgent snack flew off without a word of thanks for my hospitality!!


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