Sunday, 21 March 2010

Tigger the Massive!

Here is Tigger-or-whatever-he's-called sleeping in Austin's bed.  He is getting fat.  Austin is about half his size and they must be about the same age!  Hope folk don't think we're starving him!! 

There is no doubt that Tigger-or-whatever-he's-called is a bon vivant and a bit of a gourmand to boot. From these photos he's a part time buddha as well!  Austin?  Well he was sulking on the chair by the door and declined to have his photo taken.


  1. These look like professional photos! They're awesome. What does Austin think of Tigger????

  2. Oh no! I think it's Tigger-or-whatever-he's-called who's the professional lol

    Austin's feelings are ambivalent. He's ok with him (unlike the rest of the neighbourhood feline fraternity), but needs to be reassured from time to time that this is HIS pad, HIS people and HIS fast food outlet. Of course, of an evening, he also has sole occupancy of my lap!

  3. Tigger is the incredible bulk compared to Austin's fine feline physique!



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