Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Just love these two!

I see these two beauties whenever I take my walk up the road.  They (nearly) always come and say hello :>)

I took the photos on my mobile, so quality isn't great; also, because of the light, I couldn't see where I was aiming lol.  Not so bad for all that ☺


  1. Actually it's not bad quality to be honest!

    Good job :-) I've only seem them once I think.

    I luuurrrve horses. I might be able to go for a 3 hour ride across the South Downs early November! :-)


  2. Lovely pony pics! Were the rabbits there too?

    Yikes, David. Don't fall off. Them beasts are high off the ground. Hehe.

    Don't tread on any orchids, either?


  3. LOL @ you two !! Rabbits seem to have gone :(

    Good luck with the ride Davy. You'll be walking like John Wayne for about a week afterwards :P

  4. John Wayne? Nah... I'll be walking in my usual "I need to keep my trousers up with my knees" sort of gait ;-)


  5. For phone photos they aren't all that bad. They probably watch for you each day, you are part of their routine as well.

  6. These horses are beautiful and considering the photos I take, I think these are wonderful.

    I just posted on my animal blog. My horse has paint all over him and we're two weeks away from the final show of the season.

    Seeing these horses paint-free is a lovely sight!


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