Saturday, 19 September 2009

Cat bliss !


  1. I the furry town of Blissville, and the feline kingdom of Catasomnia......... Where everything is lovely and nothing is nasty and.......


  2. Yay! I took that photo :-)

    Good old Tigger. He was full of Austin's food, and all sleepy in the heat!

  3. Yeah! ♫♪What a wonderful world♫♪ ..... :>)

    Ooooops! Forgot the credits didn't I !


  4. That photo is worth a thousand words!

    Favor. A friend of mine (and the leader of my writers' group) was in a serious car accident. She is restarting her blog for writers at

    Please stop by and visit her. She's an insprational woman and a fabulous writer. In addition, she has overcome more challenges than anyone I can think of...she's only 40 but has been diabetic since she was a kid. She's had open heart surgery, breast cancer, and now this. She could use some support from other writers.

    Since bloggers are writers, if you'd just drop by to say hello, I'm sure she'd be thrilled. Tell her I sent you!

  5. Cool photo, I love how cat's try to teach us how to relax.

    Sorry to take so long to get over, I've barely been home the last few days.



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