Tuesday 5 May 2009


I've been ruminating the last few days about why people blog? In particular I've been wondering about cat blogs! Yep, quite by chance I've come across a plethora of blogs written about cats! I haven't been able to scrutinise all of them as there are about a zillion on Blogger alone. I felt quite disheartened really as I thought mine was unique! Then I realised these blogs were actually written by Fluffy and Furball and Fui and Eric - the cats themselves??? Stunned, I felt I should take Austin aside and question him closely about his credentials.

there are cats out there in the blogosphere who can sit at a computer and write interestingly about the minutiae of their day to day life, why, for goodness sake, have I been landed with a mog whose main ambition in life is to stalk, catch, subdue and imprison his own tail? It didn't seem fair. Perhaps I could take him back to the rescue centre and ask for an upgrade to the technocat model? You can do upgrades, I know. I've done it with my cell phone. It's not as if Tigger could step in and fill the void either. He seems to have permanent brain damage caused by continually head-butting the door, which he feels should be open to him at all times for the purpose of food accessibility. I'm sure that in a previous life he was one of those tropical fish that used to hoover up all the plankton and extraneous baby guppies from the bottom of the fish tank. His mouth is always open and his girth is ever spreading!

, some cats might blog, mine obviously have more important things on their collective tiny mind. What about blogging generally then? Why do people like me do it? I know that quite a lot of famous people blog, so perhaps it's some forlorn hope that by doing the same thing one will become famous! It's a valid point. I mean if I wrote all this meaningless trivia on Word or Notepad or something similar, the only person who's likely to read it, is me - or whoever the poor s*d is who has to clear up my affairs after I snuff it! Let's face it, there's no fun in writing just for yourself is there? Perhaps it's loneliness - or aloneness? (I feel a digression coming on!) The sense of community we fondly think we remember seems to have been sacrificed on the altar of rampant individualism. The reason for that was going to form the basis of a thesis at one time, but as Individualism places great value on privacy, I didn't feel I would make much progress if I couldn't find individuals to talk to me!

So, without meaning to we have created new communities, virtual ones, where we can find like-minded sympathetic folk, not restricted by geography, who we can love, hate, annoy, tease, deceive, sweet talk and build lasting friendships with and then switch off when we've had enough. Yeah, love it :>)

OR, as I started to say before I interrupted myself, for bloggers, by putting it out there in cyberspace, there's an added frisson, the hope, however remote, that someone from Simon and Schuster will stumble across your fine words, your erudite ramblings, your intimate thoughts and find them enchanting, humourous, informative, whatever, and catapault you into the literary stratosphere. Fame and fortune and Richard and Judy beckon! Dream on baby ....


  1. Haha!

    Epic win about you snuffing it :P, Do a Papa and leave everything in order... better yet, don't snuff it :-)

    By the way, setting your sights on Richard and Judy is not the best option, as their show is being axed as they had only 10,000 viewers on their opening show of that series. :( I think they're a bit cheesed off as one would imagine.

    Anyways, thanks for letting your feelings be known ;) I didn't "switch" the blog off whilst reading. I remain faithful and steadfast. Silly so........da can :P

    We shall have a good rant about it tomorrow hopefully!



  2. I'm gutted! Richard and Judy axed??? Mind you I was one of the 5 million that didn't watch, so it's probably all my fault!

    cya x

    PS didn't know we were going to see you today! Thought you were up to your neck in Maffs 'n Fiziks ??? lolol

  3. Wots Fiziks?

    Oim nonly doin ninglish luggage n maffs really... fiziks iz jus wot sum1 said I shud do init. Shud be orl roit, graviy n all dat loike.... fallin n stuff yeh? I fell once... i urt a lot wen the floor came up close yakno? Fallin woz alright tho... yeh, I don't mind fallin, its th' stoppin wot urts.


  4. Lotful and rotlof and lolrot (?) (Whatever it'sposed to be)

    Loved bowf bloggations. Really fun to read as always. This one is a bit eezoterical. Or is it fillosoffical?

    Hope tigs head gets better soon.

    Bruv. x

  5. I see too that NameURL works for me.


  6. Have just caught up with your latest blog Carolyn, which has amused me greatly and also set me wondering (like yourself) as to why people do in fact take up blogging - am trying to give this my undivided attention - there just has to be some reason for it. Maybe it's just a wonderful way of emptying one's head (now & again) of all the zillions of thoughts that somehow creep in there and weigh us down, yet we feel are too interesting/funny/shocking to just disregard without recording in some way.....well I think that's why I write so much rubbish & sometimes even vaguely interesting stuff in my daily journal-after all, you never know when something vital might have been casually written about and then, out of the blue, become an important reference point.....also I think it will give the family a laugh (& maybe cause a tear or two)one day when they start to plough their way thru the dozens & dozens of exercise books I've been filling up with twaddle over many years....however! just can't give anymore time or thoughts to this ever puzzling question now - I'm just tooooo tired!

    nitey nite

  7. Maggie I hope you didn't exhaust yourself too much pondering the reasons why approx 175 million people have started blogs? Lol @ "emptying one's head" :) You might be right there, though personally I have some difficulty even finding the words let alone extracting them out of their entrenched positions in my cranial cavity!

    I never kept a written journal before blogging, but am thinking maybe I should allow my digressions a bit more of a free rein (please forgive my "catachresis" here lol). It could be good for the soul! Anyway keep up the journals, I'm sure your boys and grandkids will be very grateful down the line when they have questions about "ancient history" :P Thanks for popping by, appreciate it.


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