Friday 15 May 2009


Seeing there are so many cat blogs on the internet, I'm thinking maybe it's about time I took my digressions to the next level. Also Austin is becoming impossible. He's now starting to behave like a spoilt prima donna since he found out he's been immortalised in a blog. I can't be doing with his histrionics and luvvy behaviour anymore so I've ejected him (temporarily) as the focus of my muse.

Instead I have decided to see how much I can remember about the time I went to study in Israel for two years and stayed (with breaks) for ...... .... 15 months! Yeah, I expect you were thinking it was going to be 20 years or some such thing! Well .... no!

When I graduated "summer cum loudly" from Bangor University in 1990, it seemed I had two options, a) find a job or b) do more study. Well, the first I had already done quite prolifically for nearly 20 years. In fact I could be termed a serial employee, such was the buzz I got from starting and finishing jobs! It was the bit in between that was mind-numbingly boring. In fact I gave under-achievers a bad press - it can be said that I never "rose to the level of my incompetence" in any job I undertook. It seemed a bit indecent somehow. So in 1987, having had a rather inauspicious career as an employee (and also being rather unlucky in love!) I decided to change tack completely and apply to go to university to study ...errrr.... . something! But study what? I'd left school at 16 with two o-levels and a flea in my ear only to be sacked from my first job as a nursery nurse for having a cold for two months!! As I said, inauspicious - but not necessarily incompetent.

Reading back over this, I'm now wondering how much retrospection I need to indulge in before I get to the Israel bit? Everything is interconnected in the process of reviewing one's history as you look back and take note of when and where you had decision reference points. The whole of one's life is dependent on instant decision making and the set of probable outcomes. Retrospection is the process that puts it all together in a kind of knotted thread of seminal moments. The smooth level bits in between the knots are just a blur of half forgotten memories of events that probably didn't happen to you anyway, but were a storyline in Eastenders!

To be continued (maybe) ;>)


  1. I'm determined to read all of these Israel blogs! I keep meaning to, they'll be a nice change from his Lordship (sorry, Austin).
    Interesting how you describe the "knots". One of my "knots" which actually changed my life forever was someone at work letting me borrow a CD. No kidding. And this isn't one of those "oooh this band changed my life" moments either...
    Its funny the way life goes. Noting can really be seen as trivial.

  2. Hm...I just got here..looking around and dusting my hands so as not to smudge


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