Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Radiator Cat!

Having eschewed (love that word!) all things that blow hot air (well, except me) since he arrived, Austin has now discovered radiators. I think it's a serious addiction. It seems he can't keep away from them. I suppose as he's been balancing for quite a while now on the 3 inch wide fence outside, he's now thinking he'd prefer 3 inches with central heating as standard.

Trouble is he's crammed up against the wall and therefore is prone to topple off if he takes too big a sigh or sneezes or something. We've also had a nasty incident when his claw got caught in one of the vents - we almost had to call out the fire brigade for that one! Then there was the time he tried to turn round, banged his head on the wall, lost his footing and nearly chinned himself on the way down to deep embarrassment on the shag pile.

I thought he would give up after this indignity, but nope! Then having fried himself enough so that his fur is nicely singed and he's starting
to look a bit like a siamese, he rushes outside into sub zero temperatures!! What's that all about? I'm wondering if he was reading over my shoulder when I googled "Finnish Sauna" (purely for research purposes you understand) and decided he'd like to try it? He will of course need the birch twigs if he wants to do it properly. Hmmmmmmm!


  1. I mean... we love him lots. But he is a retard :P.

    I'm sure he'll burn his booty though... silly reprobate!

  2. He certainly is behaving strangely! Perhaps he needs a shrink? lolol

  3. If he gets wet and goes straight to the radiator, he will soon shrink.


    Bruver. xx

  4. rotfl Perhaps we should miss out the radiator bit completely and just stick him straight in the tumble dryer! He won't even need ironing then :P And better still, he could save himself all that time grooming if he got himself steam cleaned :>)


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