Thursday, 8 January 2009

The Thought Process

I've just finished reading The Diary of a Provincial Lady by E. M. Delafield. Never read it before. Find myself adopting similar style vocally as well as literarily. Minimal use of the first and third person pronoun, liberal spattering of french phrases en fait and words like "recrudesce" that send me rushing to the Oxford Concise. Set me off thinking. But it didn't last long as thinking is far too overrated, don't you think? But then it says in my profile that I'm an "avid collector of thoughts", so maybe I should start categorising them and keeping a record of thoughts already thunk, so I don't make a mistake and accidentally end up with the same thought twice! I suppose if I did I could do "swopsies" like we used to at school with beads and sweet cigarette cards.
But then, what if a thought that's already out there becomes secondary, you know not a main thought, but subsidiary, due to a cultural change or a seismic shift in the postmodern thought nexus? I suppose thats why second thoughts have come into their own in recent millennia! However, there are some who say that second thoughts are better than primary thoughts. To those people I would say "think on". If that is the case then third, fourth and fifth thoughts should be eminently superior and so on and so forth. But hold hard! I am here to make a stand for first thoughts.

There is nothing on this earth quite like a thought in it's most primitive and crude form. The embryonic concept, the incipient abstraction, the inchoate notion. Will it be brought to birth without defect? Will the flame of originality allow it to develop and come to fruition unblemished within the cranial academic matrix? Of course if one is in two minds, one can multitask and accommodate both the first and second thought concurrently. This will save time and allow the thinker to go about his or her daily business more or less unhindered by the unwanted and unnecessary third, fourth and fifth suppositions encroaching on the occupied territory. However, the schizophrenic nature of this exercise could lead to conceptual burn out. So on the whole, and with much singular reflection, I have decided to adhere to the perfectly formed and untarnished original thought, in all it's unrefined, prototypical state. This is because, when all is said and done, it is the thought that counts.

PS There is no doubt that my cat Austin indulges in some extreme thinking on occasion. But regarding which cat (Austin or Tigger) comes in at night, I have decided, after several rather fraught encounters on the door step at midnight, that as long as one cat comes in, I don't really care which it is. It is first come, first served from now on in this house!


  1. I think your thoughts are very well thunk.
    I shall keep what you have said, in mind.
    Bruv x


  2. I don't quite know what to thunk...

    I mean, who'd've thinked it... me being worried at my Aunt for being interlecturawotsit... not a wiff of a joke to be... wiffed.

    Gawsh ;)

  3. Only random in an organised way.


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