Friday, 2 January 2009

Merry Christmas Austin!!

Ok, well this is an edited version of what about 2½ of you saw before! This is the young hero opening his Christmas present. We can see that it is causing him much enjoyment and drooling and general ecstasy. It is obviously something that can't be bought over the counter!

I wish to thank my nephew, Tarvi B deMille for his invaluable help in the production of this epic :>)


  1. Sawflee clevver Well dun.

    Burv xx


  2. You can.... tis your legend catage! :)

    Tarvi B deMille?!?!


  3. lol @ catage! Enoughism!!

    what is Wth? ;) XXX

  4. Caro what a lovely cat and a wicked blog. Well done!

  5. Yay! Someone posted wot isn't me or Dad!....init

    I do believe it may be an aquaintence of your's Aunty 'caro' Retallick....

  6. LOL David I do have "acquaintances" that aren't you or dad, you know :D Oh and you might find this hard to believe but my first name isn't "aunty" :P BTW we both just love this video :)

    Thanks Marjorie :>)

  7. LOL WD Val you made it!!!! Poor Gerald, may he rest in pieces :P

  8. (Trying again lol)
    Brilliant video, loved it... but that wasn't Gerald in the pressie was it??

  9. Gerald?!

    My long lost great uncle who went "west" when I was naught but a nipper?

    Who'd have thunk he'd have come back as a 'nip filled cat toy'.

    Lord save us!

  10. "Gerald" I have you know was that huge great goldfish that lived in the pond at Applewood lol. Could easily be mistaken for your long lost great uncle tho, as they were both orange!

  11. Indeed.

    Forsooth, I hadst not known this..... alas poor Gerald, I knew him well.

    From fish we came, and to fish we shall return!

    *Shurrup Darwin*

  12. Not on the carpet dear :)

    You could take some lessons from Austin!

  13. Ah found it! I remembered this video but couldn't remember where it was...
    This is so cute :) and its always rather amusing how animals and small children have just as much enjoyment with the wrapping paper as the actual gift!
    Although this video did almost give me a heart attack - I'm totally allergic to abba.

  14. Hi Sarah, the music was added by my nephew (don't think he's an ABBA fan either) as he did the editing. It was all he could find at short notice and it seemed to fit quite well. Glad you like the video :)


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