Wednesday 1 October 2008

Girders and cat flaps!

I've been looking in here the last few days to see if, by perchance, anything new had been written on the blog. Totally fed up now with seeing "Bodgit and Scarper update" every time I enter boringoldblogland. Duh! It has now finally dawned (not being overly endowed in the brain cell department) that these things don't write themselves, more's the pity.

Since I've started writing this catachrestic masterpiece today, I've had to get up and let Austin out the door and in the window several times! Well he knows he's supposed to be the point of this blog and is eager to help me out by doing something interesting so I can write about it. Well Austin, try again! I see nothing remotely amusing about your door 'n window fetish. And another thing. What's all this about cod liver oil capsules? Don't I give you enough fish? Isn't Tesco's own brand dogfish shark and barracuda bites doing it for you? So why did I have to stick two fingers down your throat and rescue a 1000mg pill? Have to say though, you have the most luxurious coat of all the mogs in the neighbourhood :)

Re: Mick and Pat. Well we're now about two months on and progress is being made .... oh yes! Muffled banging and clanging reveals there are now several girders lying on the ground, one large hole in the wall and some more scaffolding balanced precariously on two bricks! Still no sign of the little pixies doing all this though. It's so exciting!! Maybe it's the tooth fairy on work experience, or those weird ones that are usually at the bottom of the garden? It all causes great amusement to the feline population, who cease their internecine squabbling to line up along the wall to indulge in the cat equivalent of watching paint dry!

There are some very strange sights around if only one would take the opportunity to look up now and again. We were having one of our not infrequent outings to Plas Newydd our local national trust property. It has to be one of my favourite places:>) We were ambling along around the back of the house, when senior neff pointed out a rather novel looking cat flap type thing in a window about twenty feet off the ground!

I know the family of the Marquess was a bit eccentric (the first Marquess lost a leg at Waterloo which was careless, but it was found, according to leg-end buried under a tree in Brussels where it had become a bit of a shrine) but didn't know their cats were into abseiling! Anything, however, is possible! My mind, at this point, wandered off into Random Musings - where it spends so much of it's free time, being a happy haven, a place of boundless reflections - and I pondered the thinking behind abseiling cats. Maybe it's a novel way of getting them to sharpen their claws, so they don't chip the Chippendale or shred the Louis Quinze? Perhaps they are exceptionally tall cats? Or maybe the 1st Marquess's prosthesis prohibited him from hopping downstairs to let them in and out? After much deliberation I decided that the Marquess, being a bit of an innovator, probably designed it as a prototype combi catflap and air conditioning unit. He was well ahead of his time.


  1. Good one Sis.

    Larfed owt lowd.

  2. Glad you didn't barf owt lowd! Now that would be a typo to conjour with hehe :>) XX

  3. Speaking of conjouring :P

    Fantastic blog, I'm well impressed. Made me laugh my head off and wave madly at the screen whilst jerking forwards and backwards in a kind of epileptic fit caused by humourous writing :P

    Glad you got the cat flap in :)

  4. Steady on soldier! 8~>

    Con jour wasn't a typo you know, I was speaking foreign :P

    Wonder what we'll find at Penrhyn? An outside cat privy?



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