Tuesday 9 September 2008

Bodgit and Scarper Update ....

..... just in case you're thinking I've lost interest in the activities next door, let me assure you I haven't! To bring you up to date. Weellllll, the word "nothing" just about covers it. Still a hole in the ground with a pole growing out of it, but now there does appear to be bits of wood sprouting from the pole. This must have happened overnight when I wasn't tweaking my non-existent nets. Despite the fact that I spookily hear men's voices and the sound of hammers first thing in the morning, there is no sign of any activity! I think it is clear to all that Mick and Pat have bodged it and scarpered - at least for the time being. However the bit of orange plastic they've left guarding the hole is rather fetching.

Moving on to more feline activities, the inclement weather has meant that Austin does not venture out much. Being a modern lad, this means that he gets bored very easily and tends to trash the place. When Fidget comes over to "hang", one may as well go out and leave them to it!

The young tabby has taken over the spare bed in Austin's pad and seems to be insinuating himself into the household bit by furry bit. When I open a door now - or even a window - I can never be sure which one is going to be first over the threshold. And then of course when you're wandering around without your specs on you can find furry rugs where you never had them before!

Fidget's a nice cat. He doesn't mind being picked up and cuddled, he just nestles in, head under my chin - but then he needs to be in full unctious mode if he wants to keep getting Austin's leftovers and the odd tickle under the chin. Whereas Austin (as I have no doubt mentioned before) is all spikey claws, biting and yowling, unless of course he initiates the cuddle. Then he embarks on a process that can only be described as "extreme snuggling" when he drools and pummels and head butts my nose, looking up at me with adoring green eyes. It is, no doubt, a kind of self-help regression therapy that he's learnt about from the internet! For me the effect is something akin to shiatsu (which until today I thought was some kind of Japanese dog!). After he's done this for a while, and I'm about to start charging rental, he sees Fidget out the corner of his eye and magically morphs into the hoodie teenager from h*ll.


  1. Well I'm not even going to begin to discribe what I thought "shiatsu" was >.<


    Luvvles and missings,


  2. No, best not go there;>) There might be people of a nervous disposition around .... 8<]


  3. O dear....... That could be terrible, Imagine what would happen if Dad came along and saw that.... he might have constipation for years >:<)

  4. What's all this about constanation?

    I try not to have it.

    Dad Bruv.

    PS I prefer sushi to shiatsu.


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