Thursday, 2 October 2008

Sitting on the fence!

Had to rescue Austin from the fence today. I heard this awful racket. Sounded like a hippo dancing the paso doble on an elephant! I opened the front door and stood looking out. Then I heard Austin's "I'm-in-a-heckuva-fix but-don't-want-you-to-find-out so-you-will-go-on-and-on-about-it-forever" meowaaaarghhoouw. Looking round the side of the house I espied one black tail, one white paw and a couple of whiskers sticking out from the middle of the slatted wooden fence. How he got himself in there I do not know? But it was a scruff of the neck jobby to get him out. Had to disentangle each body part one at a time! Boy was he embarrassed! The black cat from next-door-but-one was sniggering behind Mick and Pat's scaffolding.

I'm sure I saw Austin blush and his humiliation was evident as he slunk into the house, his street cred at an all time low. Serve him right. He'd not long chased that same black cat into the garden of four of the eleven spitting dogs.


  1. Oohhhhh-kayy... tell me what's going on in that stretchy cat picture you meanie!

    It's back end aint Austin.... it's too big and booty, and the head don't look that like our handsome chappie either.... but the garden (or what you can see of it) looks like yours.

    Do flick the metaphorical switch of illumination oh wise and wonderful one :P


  2. He's still doing that thing with the fence! This time he made it to the top and then he saw me walking in the drive, wobbled and slipped down again! Meanwhile the tabby was sliding through underneath and Austin practically fell on his head!

    You want me to flick the metaphorical switch eh! Well I guess it was what you could call double exposure lol. And no I didn't do it. Google helped :>)

  3. What would we do without google, meteorological switches, fences, and Austin. Aye? Dear little chappy.

    S xx

    PS. No PS.


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