Tuesday 14 October 2008

The Green-eyed monster!

I know Austin loves his little buddy. No, he does, really. Except, well, there are signs. They can be playing together nicely. Bit of chasing around, some hide and seek, some gentle thwacking around the whiskers with a paw. This is when he thinks they can't be seen. As soon as Austin sees, hears, feels, my presence he morphs into the Terminator, or that bloke from Karate Kid, you know, when he makes like a crane before he does that kick thing!

Tabby is a nice cat, there is no two ways about it. He's insinuated himself into the household very successfully. He's seen what Austin does that annoys and does the opposite, the little creep! So we can cuddle him when we want and he eats all the leftover food at which Austin has turned up his delicate nose. In fact I would say that he's probably of the lower classes despite his ravishing good looks and expensive looking coat. He eats like an uneducated peasant and tears up the furniture much more vigorously.

Anyway today he made the move from spare bed to master suite and slept the whole day away. Austin has his nose so far out of joint it's practically on top his head ;> Now every time I really want to annoy Austin, I make sure he's looking and then go and make a BIG fuss of Tabs. Works every time! Trouble is Austin gets used to having him around and then Tabs goes off on one of his four day expeditions into the interior and Austin has to revert to "playing" with me. I'm only his second reserve playmate and it can be quite a painful experience! There's a bit of chasing around, some hide and seek, some gentle thwacking around the whiskers with a paw! He does this "meyat" noise as he leaps out at me as I trudge wearily up the stairs. He biffs me through the bannister rails and then as I round the corner, four sets of claws and several teeth leave their marks quite artistically arranged on my calf! As I bend over to inspect the damage to my limb, he repeats the aesthetic claw and teeth motif, this time on my "buteaux". As I leap up clutching at my dignity, he assumes a totally bored expression and looks the other way.



    Awesome :D

    I think tiger needs to insert his catty little self into your household even more!

    Hope your gluteious maximus recovers!



  2. Well it's still a bit glutey, thanks for asking ;>)


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