Monday, 21 July 2008

Not for the faint hearted!

I had to take Austin to the vet today. Our vets has one of those drop-in surgeries every weekday morning. Of course, true to form Austin was nowhere to be seen! What a pallaver! It's as if they know before you even think it yourself. Spooky or what? Had to resort to all kinds of subterfuge and we needed to be quick as I was running out of time and the back roads up, so we would have to take the busy route through town.

Deciding on a strategy, I wandered up the garden with my cuppa as if I was going to sit in the summerhouse - Austin is very protective and is my guard cat on these occasions, just in case I get attacked by pirates or ravaged by marauding blue tits or something. But not today. He kept his head down. I think he must have realised it was a ruse as I am usually still mooching around in my dressing gown at that time. Something, as far as he was concerned, was not right!

Eventually I gave up, went in and took my shoes off. Good move! He appeared from absolutely nowhere. Within ten seconds he was unceremoniously crammed into his (everso slightly too small) carrier and we were off down to Menai Bridge before he knew what hit him. Now even though my 76 year old mother had been "done" twice for speeding while driving into town, I put my foot down - but did turn my head and smile sweetly at the bridge just in case the North Wales Arrivalive Police Traffic Unit were lurking behind it. (Don't feel they got my best side though). Well we did make it in time, just, and having made such a fuss over getting into the carrier, now he wouldn't come out of it!

The very nice young vet (he looked about 14, not sure he was even shaving yet!) managed to entice Austin out by grabbing him by the scruff. He gave him the once over. So what's the diagnosis? I can tell you're all dying to know.

It appears he's got rampant Ginger-vitis!!!!

Oh yes he has.

I said "Rampant?"

The boy vet said "Yes, his gums are livid".

I said "His gums are livid? I'm FURIOUS! How many times have I told him not to play with that gang of red, rat faced mangy street urchins and now look what's happened!"

Well the boy gave one of us an injection (things were a little unclear at this point, as I was hanging onto the cat for dear life). I did eventually calm down though and we came home. Got to keep an eye on his gums for a week or two, but tonight we are going to sit down and have a heart to heart young Austin and I, about some lifestyle changes one of us is going to have to make.


  1. Very interesting, but I think you have got it wrong, and I would hope you you haven't had that man-to-cat talk yet until you have heard me out.

    "Vitis" is the latin for "vine".

    I think the boy vet (bless) meant that Aussy had been getting stoned on ginger "wine", and now has a headache. You know? Just like you get after a night out.

    It remains important that he does indeed, make some lifestyle changes. (Is there an AA for cats?)


    Bruv xx

  2. Further to my previous comment, regarding the "livid" gums, I suggest that this is the result of the ginger in the wine, and as a member of the plant family, Zingiberaceae, is a potential irritant to any mucus membrane.

    Just thought I would clarify.

    Love Bruv. xx
    :-)))) (= all experts have either no chins, or multiple chins! Have you noticed?)

    PS Why do they want me to type "jumzudid"

  3. rotflol pmsl etc etc

    Blimey how could I have got it so wrong? Sure you don't mean ginger whine? Cos they sure do. And I know you've been having problems with your aspirates since you mislaid your adenoids ;)

    MAN-to-cat?? and I thought I hid it so well!! :(

    talking of "potential irritants" 8< have you put out a search party for your chins lately?

    Finally, jumzudid is the latin for "I am an idiot" ;P

    Your luvin Cyst XX


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