Sunday, 13 April 2008

Stumbled upon .........

.... ..... Austin playing with one of these ......

… it was absolutely massive! He had it holed up in the corner of the conservatory. It was, no doubt, planning its bid for freedom. My shrieks were heard throughout Wales and the west as I wrestled the cat to the floor and shooed the infiltrator out of the door. He (the cat) took my intervention as a personal criticism of his military tactics, came back with a counter attack (on my ankle) and finally retreated behind enemy lines to lick his wounds, while I took refuge in antiseptic and a plaster!!

Anyway this is where I found him... ....

that's my bed grrrrrrr ;)
He now officially has the 'ump and has put in a call to the feline defense league, specifically to the on call social worker in order to start proceedings to get me put on the register of cat offenders.  I guess my days are numbered.

*wonders if Relate could help?*

1 comment:

  1. Relate? I think you'll need a Divorce! LOL!

    Epic, he's such a moody teen!!!


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