Tuesday, 3 March 2015


It appears we have tapped into a rich seam with the launch of NUCAT! 

It has been suggested by Comrade Savannah that this already global movement should convene a planning conference! Comrade Cody and Comrade Katie Isabella and many others are proclaiming it from the rooftops! We are a movement for change and for ........... thumbs!! Yep, that's right, thumbs! Today is "If pets (cats) had thumbs" day. Not just thumbs, because many cats do have thumbs, but OPPOSABLE thumbs! Which brings me on to the very first grievance to put before the (miss)management ......

This grievance was raised by Comrade Annie Bear. In her own words .. "how about not enough treats (once a day is not enough!)......."

Yes it is about treats! First of all, I submit the name should be changed. "Treat" indicates something rarely given as an indulgence or an extravagance or luxury! How can something that gives so much pleasurable nomminess to 99% of all cats be an indulgence? Second of all, unless you are a Waffles with teeth like Jaws from the Bond films the treat pack is always out of reach behind closed and padlocked doors which we can't open because WE DON'T HAVE OPPOSABLE THUMBS!

So our first submission is "The treat shall no longer be called a treat, but receive a new name and become established and accepted as a vital food group for the health and wellbeing of cats! Therefore, the erstwhile treat (new name to be decided) shall be placed in a cat accessible location at all times in a container with a flip-top lid which is easily flicked with a thumbless paw!"

Our second submission is "that the case for opposable thumbs be sent to the highest authority toot sweet so that plans for world domination can proceed unhindered!"

What do you think Comrades? Is this doable? Will the (miss)management be taken in amenable? Will we need arbitration? Has The Staff completely lost her marbles? (the last is without doubt true!)

Remember, we are demoCATic and all comments and suggestions will be given due consideration. So, we have to be .........

persistent and
insistent that the
assistant is not
resistant or
distant and that the treats (new name pending) are
existent at all times!

Simplez :))

Meanwhile  .......
It's been a long day!
The Blankie is calling!

NB All grievances from members can be submitted so the committee i.e. all cat members (NOT Affiliates) and will be considered for (in)action in due course ;)

Next time we will have to think about appointing a minutes secretary

Thank you for your attention

The meeting is hereby adjourned


minute(s) secretary - a very small assistant .....



  1. Seriously, now we can accomplish anything...together!

  2. OMC! The utter and certain bedlam that will ensue thrills us to no end! :p

    the critters in the cottage xo

  3. Comrade Austin (or should it be Captain or Leader?)! You took me seriously. The lady never does when it come to "new name pending". Thank you for taking on my grievance! I'm looking forward to world domination!


  4. If they can make cats glow in the dark in some lab then they can grow us opposable thumbs

  5. Mew mew mew Unccle Austin yur PAWSUM!!!
    Mee has to say mee getss treetss allso known as nommiess here 2-3 timess a day! Mee doess not even have to ask! Thee LadyMum offerss them without reservashun....
    Shee even letss mee snoop inn thee cupburdss now that mee can get up on thee counter ;)
    Mee iss one LUCKY kittyboy!!!!
    Butt mee will support you in yur struggle of course ;)
    Luv an reespect neffkitty Siddhartha Henry thee Ferst =^,.^=

  6. Bwwwah!!!!! I'm workin' on getting a treat jar NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Consult" "Insult" "Result" love it!! Love from your pal, Comrade Cody

  7. Wow, there are already big things coming for NUCAT!

  8. We would love to join NUCAT. We are totally on board with the treat grievance. Very good points made by all. We also think that doors should become extinct. No more doors!!! We should be able to enter any room or closet we desire at any time.

  9. Austin, mes thinks wes needs a secretary to keeps track of all the grievances because mes thinks there is LOTS of grievances out there! And mes DOES thinks that yous should bes the supreme ruler of NCAT!!!

  10. What are these treats you speak so passionately about?

  11. NUCAT will one day rule the world. We need a dog version. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  12. You and your hifalluted (no time to check the dictionary for the spelling) words and syndicated cat organizations. Really, I would never trust cats because you're always up to something evil! And through legal means, I might add.

  13. I suppose it would be silly to ask if dogs can join?
    I've always noticed that cats negotiate better terms with the bipeds than dogs do.

  14. This is exciting! Can we go on a protest march, or even on strike?
    Comrade Flynn

  15. Now that sounds like a fun club. Maybe there needs to be a club for pigs one day!

  16. dood...sew...can we join thiz club even if we rare lee get ta eat treetz... coz de food serviss gurl iza pantz butt... N thatz puttin it pole lite lee....N de fact we canna stand burdz....ever..... ?? ♥♥

  17. *rubs paws together* This is gonna be PAWSOME! What to call the crunchies we all luvluvluv but seldom get...*starts a list of possible identifiers*

  18. MOL Dat's pawsum Austin. Altho' me must admiit dat we get tweats evewyday. Sum of them awe called cwumbles and put over ow noms fur meal time. And then of course there's da "goodies" we get when mommy duz da dishes. And then there's sis Lexi's "butter spoon" (nommy medicine) dat we boff get 2 times a day. So we will hav to stay away fwum da furst item of fear dat mommy might fink she be overduin' it. MOL But meez all 'bout those fumms. We kuld weally use those. :) By da way, weez so glad yous accepted da awards. We can't wait to wead yous answers.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  19. Austin you have just begun to fight for our rights.

  20. We are going to need NUDOG too - hey wait, that sounds quite rude....
    Dip and Elliot x

  21. Thank goodness for blankies!

    Noodle and crew

  22. Some cats—not ME—have to actually WORK for treats (or new name) and that should be outlawed. I demand a treat each time the peeps eat their treats. How’s that? BTW, I can be a member of both NUCAT and WLF, can’t I? https://eldridelephant.wordpress.com/joining-wlf/wlf-code-en/

  23. I vote that treats should be called "necessities" - Crepes.

  24. I suggest we call the erstwhile treats "wheat grass." That oughta take the Humans in. Also, the birthday greetings you sent the Human over here have completely gone to her head. She is chewing on the rugs at the moment. Because she didn't get her treat yesterday. Because of the weather. So -- take that, Human. Now you know how it feels, not to get your treats. Your wheat grass, that is. You didn't get your wheat grass. Send the Human birthday greetings any time. She will then eat a wheatgrass shot. All good. Bye for now. --Bugs

  25. I have a grievance. The humans forgot my birthday! I don't know what NUCAT can do to help me. I just wanted to put it out there. I think the name of treats should be changed to vitamins for obvious reasons. XOCK, Lily Olivia and my fursibs, Kitties Blue


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