Monday 26 March 2012

On a charge!

How come going wireless means you end up with more wires? Curious to know? I reckon it’s all a conspiracy put out by Mr Cable of Cable and Wireless in his endeavours to take over the whole shebang! Wifi is an oxymoron and I am probably the moron part of that. Will come back to that later.

One has (well, I have!) so man
y gadgets that need to be charged on a daily basis, it’s getting to the point that finding a free plug hole is well nigh impossible. I reckon the pressure this household alone puts on the national grid is quite significant - so much so that we’ve had a couple of power “outages” in just the last month! What with the ipad, ipod, kindle, laptop, phones of various kinds, camera, toothbrush …… not forgetting all the items that need to be plugged in all the time! Sometimes the house resembles the poop deck on the star ship Enterprise. Beam me up Scottie! Which reminds me. What about the wifi? Surely that can’t be good for us, all those little beams darting about the place. I could get fried without even knowing. Come to think of it, I’ve been feeling a bit frazzled for a while now. Am I slowly being irradiated?

The logistics surrounding the charging up is quite complicated and I’m having to draw up a chart so that each item has its allotted time for charging, making sure that at no time the elastic band at the power station undergoes undue stress. This of course means I have to ascertain how long each one needs for the charging process.  A degree in physics would help. I  prefer the chargees to be plugged in concurrently but lack of strong enough current means they have to be consecutively charged. Bit like some prison sentences!

Of course the worst thing is you can have about a hundred chargers around the house, as you keep everyo
ne of them from stuff you’ve discarded or “recycled” BUT you can never find the one you need at that moment OR it is the very one that Austin chewed right through the night before! At least he’s wireless, but he does have antenna!

Life used to be so simple!

One’s address used to be 123 Letsbe Avenue not crinkly@something.con

A PC was the bobby who used to clip your ear after a minor misdemeanour before he "sent you on your way” back to your mother

Social networking was done down the pub

A laptop was your cat

A mouse was the little furry creature your cat brought to your laptop

Tablets could only be got on prescription

Oranges, blackberries and apples were only fruit

An eReader was a typing mistake

A keyboard was a piano

Tweeting was an activity exclusive to birds

….. and windows crashing? That was next doors kid with a well aimed football!

Finally, just in case there is someone in the world who has not seen Ro
nnie Corbett’s brilliant blackberry sketch. Here it is. Meanwhile Austin and I are crawling back into our cave:


  1. Do not neglect to make your charging roster electronic! There's a fitting irony.

  2. This has to be the most enjoyable and humorous blog today. Thank you for it. Xoxoxox pee ess Austin I love your antennae.

  3. Hehehehe this was excellent!


  4. All very clever ! I have to admit that I do sometimes really miss the simpler "old days",,,but then again, without the tech explosion we experienced, people like you and I would never have met. It's all complicated and confusing,but quite worth it.

  5. Mario's mom here - you have me laughing hysterically. It's all so true too. But, we still do it and love every minute of it.

  6. loved it!!! I can't get past though that you have a CHART to time how long you charge everything????

    OMG!! You are actually more anal than I am! (if that's possible lol)


  7. Now I have a complete system overload!

  8. Well Carolyn, you are witty beyond belief!!!
    I was cracking up through the whole thing!
    ...and the video is hilarious! I'm going to be picking up some apples and blackberries at the market tomorrow and I can guarantee you I'll be chuckling the whole time! ...confusing the staff and all. !!!

  9. Thanks for your comments everyone :)

    I should have put a Pee Es on the blog post saying please don't be fooled. I LOVE my gadgets really and as Mr Joke Puppy said none of us would have met without "technology" lol But sometimes..... just sometimes one yearns for the simpler life! :)

  10. I don't have as many wireless devices, but I do have plenty of electronic equipment and the cords make me nuts.

    I guess 20 years from now this will all be moot, but for now, it's quite annoying sometimes.

  11. Yes, times might have been simpler but you were a "crazy cat lady" then.. now your just a cat person..

  12. One does have to ponder about how all of the devices we use today will be packaged into just one on down the road. But, alas, until then, it'll have to be a charger plugged into every available outlet in order to stay connected to everyone. And you are right, Carolyn, about the meeting of people you'd never have a chance to find without being plugged in. I have met some pretty terrific people online! And most of them love pets!

  13. Oh my COD, Mom just wet her pants watching that video. That is the funniest thing she has seen in many a moon. Austin, You mom is hilarious. Looks like you will need to have an extra house to be able to plug all your gadgets in and charge them. We are very lucky in that Mom can barely do the computer much less anything else. She is pitiful. Too darn funny. Take care.

  14. That Video is a hoot!! Love your post today too. You always make me laugh.

  15. You can get the Pet Fusion from Amazon!

  16. This was just plane funny!!! Thank goodness for our computers or we would not have met!!! It would be an awful lose on my part. I am better just knowing you!!

  17. There is a small elf who's only mission in life is to hide only the cable of the whatsit who's battery is about to expire.

    Member when we coud just put fresh batteries in every couple of months?

    Nubbin wiggles,

  18. At least Pookie loves all the cables and she also is a very good laptop, lol ! Modern times, I like it ! I don't want to be like one of my grandma's who never took a phone in her hand because it was a "modern invention" lol !

  19. Thank´s for the laugh of the day :)
    My mom LOVED the sketch !

  20. Love your post, so clever and funny! We prefer them old-fashioned laptops of which you speak!

  21. This is our favorite post of the day (remember when post meant a letter you could hold in your hand)and happily shared on FB.

  22. What a great post, I loved it. I was so excited when everything started going wireless, I was envisioning a world without wire. I was so naive.

    Now, like you, we have more wires than every before.

  23. GROAN! Call the pun police! That video begs for a pun-alert-warning notice. It'd be a public service.

  24. I am very happy with the doctors visit too!! At least the inside is showing that the good diet is finally working. We have been eating better each year now for 6 years and it has been showing up on the blood test too but oh so slowly.. This year it really popped for us!!! We are so pleased!!

  25. Sigh... so late to the party!! Fun post - can we invent a way to plug ourselves into the wall for a re-charge? Hmm... perhaps that is a topic that is best not discussed outloud!!

  26. We always had the little trailer to sleep in but in the hot summers we often slept out on the porch in lawn chairs b/c it was so hot in the trailer. We ate out on the porch too Sandwiches!! I grew up eating sandwiches for all meals and now I NEVER eat a sandwich!!!
    I make soup every week of the year and we eat a lot of home-made soup!!!!!!

  27. Mommy is laffing so hard at this! It's true, she sez! And she has another one: the cloud was that puffy white thing you'd see outside on nice spring days....

    Then she sighed. (MOL)

  28. HAHAHA! great post, esp. all that stuff at the end. It makes me think -- what if someone was frozen 30 years ago and they were brought back to life, how confused they would be when people talked about all those things.

  29. Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the HedgeSunday, April 01, 2012 5:26:00 pm

    Excellent post! Why isn't there a universal charging cord! THe wire pile is worse than balls of yarn that have been attacked by a bored cat!

  30. Very funny. Never seen the video before and had to call Pop in to see it. Yeah, Wifi is frying us but all electronic devices give off radiation, even the alarm clock. HAH! Can't wait until all those yuppies talking on their cell phones 24/7 come down with brain cancer.


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