Monday 5 March 2012

Austin, a Real Housecat and why I blog!!

I have been thinking for a while now about why I blog? I’ve written about it before a couple of times - in fact one post was very sarcastic about blogging in general and the other was to do with the growing phenomenon of pet related blogs, especially those written from the pet’s point of view. 

As you might have gathered, I do not very often allow Austin near the keyboard - it’s an ongoing battle for supremacy and keyboard control (he has a tendency towards eBay and Amazon and the button that says “buy now”), anyway it’s me that has the voice, all he does is meow in Welsh and look handsome and disinterested in equal measure. So for Austin it was “bye now” to his retail ambitions and for me it was “hello” to my literary pretensions.

A few years ago I joined a group on the internet (it’s not something I do often), but it was geared towards those of a certain age who liked a laugh and as I was of a certain age and liked a laugh and was at a loose end, I applied to join. The rigorous application process completed, I embarked on a journey with a bunch of other (mostly) ladies in their cardy years and have now spent over seven years in their cheerful company. It was these dear ladies who were polite enough to laugh at some of the things I wrote and it was they who fed my ego to the point where I thought “I am going to blog”.

Where does Austin come in to all of this, I hear you ask? His arrival coincides with the genesis of this blog and as I say in the “About” page, I just fell into the habit of writing about him and his antics. He’s a conduit for my attempts at humour and, as it turns out, he became the star. That is fine by me because through him I met a load of other crazy (mostly) ladies who love their moggies and pooches.

And now Glogirly and Katie have included him in the cast of Real Housecats of the Blogosphere :) Ok, he’s not technically a house cat, but he managed to bribe speak to the producer (hi Katie xox:) and he was allowed in on a technicality (the form of which he will not divulge)! I believe I have created a monster!

Anyway check out the brilliant first video here

That’s all for now. A slightly different post and if you’ve made it this far then thanks x


  1.'s not everyday we are called "brilliant!" haha! Stop it some more. And I'm not quite sure how it is that Austin is NOT a Housecat! If you want to get technical I'm actually a TOWNhouse cat. ; )

    Austin, we love your wit and the cast would not be complete without you.

    Sometime we need to hear the story of your alias. (Mr. Poo.) We must have missed that along the way.

    xo Katie

  2. I have to admit I'm not a cat person. (ouch, sudden sharp intake of breath)So I read and scratch my head. But I'll be back to read more, if that's ok!

  3. Oh Austin
    WE are cats and love reading about your adventures, do tell how you buy on Amazon? I've seen lots of things On there I would love to own.Concats on being one of Glogirl's HouseCats!

  4. Loved the video. Hope being a video star won't go to Austin's head.

  5. Glogirly and Katie, I love you both to bits x Mr Poo is the family name for him. It kind of evolved!

    Antony I am not going to even try to convert you, but you are welcome here anytime. … oh and I like dogs too, just don’t have one :(

    Abby I don’t think we better let on about Austin’s Amazon trick, it could be very costly!

    Jan his head is already mega ! lol

  6. We think that Austin adds extreme literary brilliance to the cast and that Glogirly is a video genius!

  7. Austin, I am SO impressed but not in the least surprised that you were chosen. Make us proud dear boy...make us proud.


  8. Austin dear,
    It's about time we make all our meowmies realise that the only reason they blog is because they want to be one of us. I'm talking through experience here. Congcats on your movie deal. purrr....meow!

  9. One look at his rugged good looks and it should be obvious to anyone that Austin is destined for stardom.

  10. Cats of all blogs unite! Hope the Ms. has recuperated from all this popping pieces.

  11. Austin, you gotta do something about this not being able to blog yourself stuff. As a fellow Real Housecat, I've enjoyed getting to know you better.


  12. Carolyn & Austin,,,Thanks for stopping by to meet us. E-mail a photo of Austin in which I can clearly see both eyes and his closed mouth (at least 25KB), along with your favorite joke. Then we will have Austin make a guest appearance.

  13. Wow! That was way cool! I also saw some other friends in there. You go Real Housecats!

  14. Austin is truly a star! This was so much fun to watch. I don't have a television and have never seen the show, but I don't think I need to--the graphics and production on this were much more interesting than anything I've ever been stuck watching!

  15. Hi Austin !
    Me and mom just LOVE to read about your and your mom´s life.
    You do write so whitty and funny :)
    Katie and Glogirly have made a superduper great job with the video !
    I´m very glad that you and me are put side by side in the photos of the real housecat´s and I´m very glad that we are furiends !
    I hope you too demand Sirloin steak everyday ;-)

  16. Good thing there are other people like me. I loved the post!

  17. WE want to know what the technicality was! Do dish!

  18. Yay Austin, you are a movie star.No one deserves it better than you. That was fun watching that video. We really enjoy your blog because it does make Mom laugh and that is so healthy for her. Anyway, we do really enjoy your blog. Take care.

  19. Oh my gosh, Keetay is from outer space!

    Glogirly does make the most amazing videos. And I find the motto quite hilarious.

    By the way, I did read the post down to the last period. It's actually a surprise how I am never bored of reading your posts... I probably would still read it even if it were 5 pages long.


    Huggies and Cheese,


  20. Its always fun to find a little corner of the internet to call home on the web :)

    Loved the video, Austin looked rather regal... :)

  21. Hi Carolyn,
    You have a cat that looks like our (use to be young) Happy!!!
    I blog b/c I have a need to test myself all the time!! I am dyslexic so it is a challenge for me to blog. I need to communicate with people everyday and I live with no close neighbors. I like to talk!!! So I talk with my friends on the blogs!!!
    So happy you are a friend!!!! So happy you came to visit!!!

  22. So sorry it's taken me so long to drop by and offer my concats to Austin in his Real Housecats debut! I've been bogging myself down with quite a bit of serious cat stuff lately, so it was good to see Austin in his true form - bored, disinterested, and completely disdainful. He has all the makings of a true star and I enjoyed the video immensely, as well as your story of how you began blogging. I do hope you will get him a special dressing room with a star on the door with his name...

    Anyhow, as you well know, I was a fan of yours the moment I first read your blog and continue to enjoy your sharp wit and droll sense of humor! Bravo to all!!

  23. What a cool series of developments! Austin is a star!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  24. Austin and I are thrilled at all your lovely comments ... well Austin will be when he wakes from his nap! I'll make sure he is suitably delighted! *sigh* ;)

  25. Allie: AUSTIN! You're a star! *squeeee!*

    (P.S. Who do I have to bribe-- (ahem) talk to, in order to get an Introduction to Glogirly and Katie???

  26. Thanks again for your visit!! I do love company I don't have to clean house for!!! (I am an awful housekeeper) I do so love company tho!!!
    I love being with Tom even after knowing him 31 and a half years.
    He is not my type at all, but he is so good to me and loves me so much!! It has been a wonderful 30 years!!!

  27. Fantastic! I'm glad Austin is your willing yet disinterested muse. We all benefit from that.

  28. Phil, the Philosopher Mouse of the HedgeFriday, March 09, 2012 11:55:00 pm

    Terrific video. Star quality is bound to be discovered! Austin, we love you.....(RC Cat sends an enthusiastic wave of approval.)

  29. I'm rootin' for ya Austin! Bribes are very effective, but I your faithful Crew Member, I shall keep the Paw-Purr-Azzi at bay and have an endless supply of ping pong balls for ya...


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